Nov 11, 2016

AIAT MFNDU Contracting and Garrison Support Unit (GSU) Trainer

Location:  Kabul, Afghanistan


The Afghan Education Program (AEP) Logistics Advisor/Trainer is assigned to Training and Education Doctrine Command Advisory Team (TEDCAT) along with other Engility employees working within the Army Institutional Advisory Team (AIAT) at the New Kabul Compound (NKC) in Kabul, Afghanistan. AIAT is comprised of approximately 30 advisors and doctrine writers within the CJ 7 component of the NATO Operation, Resolute Support (RS).

AIAT is currently directed by a British Colonel. The staff and members of AIAT include military officers of several NATO countries, one US Lieutenant Colonel and a few additional US Contractor employees. The Logistics Advisor/Trainer works as part of the NATO team and functions as an AIAT staff member as well as a Logistics specialist.

The Contracts/Garrison Support Unit (GSU) Trainer serves as an integral member of the logistics team assisting the ANA institutions in solving logistical challenges.

Coordinate ANA support on contract developing at ANA training and education facilities in accordance with AFG requirements.

Provide AIAT training continuity and retain institutional knowledge of contracts when training incoming G8 military personnel during six-month rotations and change overs. Provide general expertise and training in the processing of contracts.

Support and coordinate training contracting issues with CSTC-A, as well as CJ ENG, Infrastructure Training Advisory Team (ITATI), and the Property Management Department (PMD).

Train in contract drafting processes. Trains the process of contract writing at ANATEC, MFNDU, TED-C, or CPMD, in close coordination with AFG counterparts.

Works in AIAT Training, Education and Doctrine Command (TED-C). Understands the contract development process at MoD, TED-C, branch school, and CPMD levels of echelon.

Train and advise Afghan counterparts involved in delivering the MFNDU Infrastructure and providing ongoing facility engineering and maintenance training to the Garrison Support Unit (GSU), located at MFNDU.

MFNDU focus area: Train to identify, understand and track organization maintenance issues at the MFNDU that would impact institutional training. Make training recommendations to contracting development in close coordination with contracting departments and train the Afghans involved in delivering and maintaining the MFNDU infrastructure while providing Facility Engineering (GSU) Training.

MFNDU focus area: Train to identify, understand and track organization training area development and management at the MFNDU. Develop a training area management program and make recommendations to MFNDU/GSU training area managers in close coordination with training institutions based at the MFNDU such as the National Military Academy of Afghanistan (NMAA) and the Afghan National Army Officer’s Academy (ANAOA).

Oversee and assist in the management of the day to day logistical operations of MFNDU and assist all subordinate units with their concerns and issues.

Required Qualifications:

Ten years active duty logistical experience.
Experience as a member of a battalion staff.
One year experience in Afghanistan or Iraq.
Strong background in training and garrison environments.
Applicants must be in possession of a current/active US tourist Passport (with further eligibility to receive – if not already in possession of – a current Afghanistan visa). If candidate is already deployed, he/she must supply appropriate documentation satisfying these requirements along with confirmation that he/she is in physical possession of government-issued PPE to demonstrate compliance with CENTCOM deployment requirements.
Willingness to work and live in Afghanistan and understanding of the possibility to be further assigned to any location in Afghanistan based upon the needs of the U.S. Government
Willingness and ability to travel outside of protected areas via military convoys or MILAIR and wear protective clothing and equipment as required
Willingness to work in hostile areas without a weapon
Willingness to deploy and live on forward operating bases without regular U.S. Post/Base Exchange and Commissary facilities
MS Office skills
Personal Computer (PC) skills
Interpersonal and people skills
Ability to communicate in English, both orally and in writing
Maintain compliance with all US CENTCOM requirements for AFG AO
Must have professional experience to manage and drive a project from design through to initial delivery
Must be able to analyze requirements, manage timelines, coordinate delivery of tasks falling to military staff branches of a Three Star equivalent headquarters, build consensus in a multi-national environment and integrate subsidiary international projects into the cohesive whole of a NATO framework, be comfortable working through virtual teams, and meet accountability requirements to deliver the projects.

Desired Qualifications:
Experience as a military advisor in Afghanistan or Iraq.
Member of installation garrison staff.
Primary member of a brigade staff or higher.
Recent deployment/military experience- Within five years.