Nov 5, 2015

Trainer/ Security Assessment Member , Afghanistan

Employer: DynCorp International LLC. 
Location: Kabul Afghanistan

Job Summary

The Training Instructor provides individual weapon(s) qualification/familiarization training for personnel designated to carry firearms.

Principal Accountabilities
(Typical duties include the following, although specific duties vary by assignment or contract.)
Develop and present complex training programs for in-house employees and/or contract sites.
Coordinate contractually required training with management.
Internally develop or work with outside vendors to schedule training programs and to determine training support materials for the available training courses.
Formulate technical training policies, programs and schedules based on knowledge of identified training needs, company production processes, business systems and changes in procedures or services.
Develop and record training program, including outline, text, handouts, and tests
Lecture class on safety, certification and compliance to inspection criteria.
Ensure compliance with company and contract policies and procedures and other practices set for by upper management and contract directives to maintain company and contract compliance standards.
Provide guidance and direction to less experienced trainers utilizing strong technical and training skills.
Audit periodically in area of technical expertise to validate compliance of the required certification.
Conduct Site Security Assessments of assigned locations in the Area of Operations.
Provide classroom and range instruction for multiple TO courses to include weapons training.
Perform other qualified duties as assigned.

Knowledge & Skills
Ability to read, write and communicate effectively in English.
Ability to present and instruct in front of a group of student/peers.
Ability to provide special certification if required by contract.
Knowledge of security operations as relates to this task order.
Knowledge of technical and tactical proficiency with the various small arms used in support of operations.
Ability to operate motor vehicles of various weights in a tactical manner both on and off-road.
Demonstrate knowledge of Microsoft operating systems or computer skills required for the position.
Receive refresher training and re-qualify with their assigned weapons at least semi-annually.

Experience & Education
High school diploma or equivalent preferred.
One (1) year or more relevant experience in High Threat Environment preferred.
Five (5) year’s or more relevant experience of Military or Law Enforcement with Combat Arms and SWAT preferred.
Five (5) year’s or more relevant experience instructing or training firearms and other courses of instruction preferred.
Experience preferred in one (1) or more of the following: Military Special Forces/Special Operations Assignments, Military Infantry/Combat Arms Service, Commercial executive protection services with military or police background, Law Enforcement experience (Military Police/Criminal Investigations Division; or an Emergency Services, SWAT type unit of a Law Enforcement Agency).
Instructor certifications for basic skills and firearms instructor.

Physical Requirements/Working Environment
Living and working conditions at the assignment location could be remote and uncomfortable.
Long hours, exposure to weather and hazardous conditions.
Personnel should be aware of moving on short notice and under adverse conditions.
Ability to pass both weapons qualifications and physical fitness course.

Mandatory travel requirements of fifty-two (52) days per one year contract and travel to/from duty locations within country.
Must have a valid driver’s license and ability to operate a standard transmission vehicle
Must have obtained a Weapon's Certification within the last 10 years

Candidate must be able to pass both weapons qualifications and physical fitness course: The minimum standards are:
Endurance Run completed in 2:30 minutes (two minutes and thirty seconds)
Obstacle Course completed in 2:00 (two minutes)
M-4 Rifle qualification scoring of a minimum of 240 points on the approved DSS qualification course
M-9 Pistol qualification scoring of a minimum of 400 points on the approved DSS qualification course

Unposting Date: Ongoing

Req ID: 1502011