Jul 19, 2015

Regional Military Training Center (RMTC) Infantry Trainer , Kabul Adfghanista

Location: Kabul Afghanistan

Each MTA will be responsible for training a variety of weapon systems and tactical subjects. Training will be conducted in accordance with provided programs of instruction for ANA and Afghan National Police (ANP) personnel operating in a counter-insurgency environment. Analysts will be asked to provide feedback to their assigned Team lead regarding course content in an effort to keep current tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP).

Instructs Tactics, Force Protection and Anti-terrorism training.
Instructs Urban Warfare Tactics at team, squad, platoon and company level.
Instructs basic company level offensive and defensive operations.
Instructs patrolling operations.
Instructs night tactical operations.
Instructs mountain tactical operations.
Instructs vehicle mounted operations, improvised explosive device (IED) identification and countermeasures.
Conducts training, practical exercises, and assists in evaluations of student performance
Performs as observer/controller for military exercises.
Develops updates; organizes lesson plans and materials as required.
Develops new training materials and revises existing classes as required.
Provides training on ANA/ANP individual and crew-served Infantry weapons including the M16A2/4, the M4, 9 MM Pistol, M249 SAW, M240B Medium Machinegun, 12 GA Shotgun, MK-19, M2 .50 CAL Machine Gun, AT4, 60/81/82/120 MM Mortar Systems, SPG9 Recoilless Rifle, M24 Sniper Rifle, as well as associate vision devices such as the ACOG and NVDs and other weapons that may enter the inventory.
Provides familiarization training/firing on foreign weapons expected in the AO (e.g., AK 47 and variants, SVD, RPK, PKM, DSHK, and RPG-7).
Provides instruction on field zeroing, assembly, disassembly, immediate and remedial actions for RSM Theater foreign weapons.
Provides training to include combat shooting skills, tactical individual marksmanship, transition shooting skills, firing of weapons from tripod and mobile, vehicle-mounted and static/tactical locations/positions.
Provides safety assessments.
Provides training in first echelon field maintenance procedures for all listed weapons.
Provides day and night familiarization firing on all U.S. and foreign weapons.

“This is a contingent position based on funding from the customer.”

Recent operational experience in Afghanistan or Iraq
Working knowledge (knowledge adequate for practical use) of Microsoft Suite Applications
Ability to communicate in English, both orally and in writing.
Former U.S. Army or Marine Corps Infantry, Artillery, Cavalry, Combat Engineer or Special Operations officer, warrant officer, or NCO with experience leading a team, squad, platoon or company.
At least one active duty deployment to Iraq/Afghanistan between 2001 and 2015.
Experience in live fire range training operations.
Experience in the operation of various individual and crew-served weapons
Experience in coordination and scheduling of internal and external trainers.
Experience writing evaluations on the professional effectiveness of each period of instruction.
Experience analyzing training requirements and developing Programs of Instruction.
Experience designing and developing various weapons and tactics course schedules.
Experience designing and managing instructor development programs and instructor rating forms.
Experience designing, developing, and producing instructor and student course handouts.
Able to supervise and develop ANDSF cadre.
Supervisory experience of field training and assignment of duties to range support teams.
Experience as the coordinator for training support.
Experience and ability to develop Mission Essential Task Lists.
Experience and ability to develop mission training plans.
Ability to develop ANA/ANP instructors in instructional training and development techniques.
Ability to work with external agencies to support training.
Experience as a military instructor as required.

Knowledgeable with Infantry related skills, tasks, and drills.
Applicants selected for this position will require an active US secret clearance and background screening. Applicants selected for a security clearance will be subject to a security investigation and must meet eligibility requirement for access to classified information. Applicants must pass CENTCOM medical, dental and other CRC-related deployment requirements and be in possession of a current US Passport (with further eligibility to receive – if not already in possession of – a current Afghanistan visa).

Relevant experience training ANSF (Afghan National Security Forces) as contractor or while on active duty.

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