Jul 22, 2015

Armorer (2) , Afghanistan

Employer: MAG
Location: Afghanistan
Job Code: ARM

Job Summary:
Shall maintain the current arms room to issue, receive and maintain aircraft and aircrew weapons. The weapons can consist of sidearms, M-4, M-240, M-134 mini-guns, and guns/rockets and pods to support the Mi-8/17 aircraft.
Develop and ensure standardized weapons inventory and identification process.
Develop and follow procedures for accountability of all weapons and repair tools.
Track/issue/inspect all dispatchable weapons.
Ensures proper storage and accountability of all weapons on site and complete a weapon transfer hand receipt for in-transit weapons.
Perform scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on weapons for which qualified. Perform operational checks on mechanical operation of weapons daily.
Maintain, review and update the weapons safety program, safety bulletin board, weapons SOP’s, and weapons checklists, related publications and technical library.
Ensure the proper storage, handling and inventory of all ammunition on site.
Reports and maintain a daily accurate account and usage of ammunition.
Report immediately any discrepancies in weapons inventories, lost weapons or personal emergencies.
Knowledge of supported aircraft and associated weapons. Working knowledge of aircraft maintenance programs.
Must have thorough knowledge of hand tools, hardware and equipment used in the maintenance of weapons and weapons systems on hand.
Develop, implement, and train a weapons safety program similar to those requirements identified in AFMAN 91-201, AR 385 series and adapted for Afghan personnel use.
Conduct serviceability checks of weapons IAW OEM procedures prior to issue.
Develop and implement inspection criteria and schedule.
Maintain and store aircraft armament equipment such as rocket pods, gun mounting systems in a secure location other than the arms room.
Train afghan personnel to perform all arms room duties.

Must be a US Citizen
high school diploma or GED.
Military or civilian weapons maintenance school (armorer or armament)
Army: MOS 45B/91F Small arms Repairer
Air Force: AFSC3P0XXB/SEI312 Combat Arms Specialists
Marine Corp: MOS 2111 Unit Armorer
Navy: Gunner’s Mate Guns
A minimum of 3 years’ experience in the maintenance and support of the weapons assigned to this contract.
Subject must be able to obtain or maintain government eligibility requirements.

How To Apply: