May 17, 2021

Screener (OCONUS - Kuwait)

Employer:  Mid Atlantic Professionals, Inc. (dba SSI)
Location: OCONUS - Kuwait

This position will be stationed in Kuwait.

Essential Functions & Responsibilities/Description:
Conduct screenings, complete reports and do all necessary background checks on locally employed persons screened.
Screening: A screening consists of an in-depth interview using a standardized interview method supported/approved by the Installation Access Application (IAA) and AFOSI; records checks; and biometric enrollment. The Screener uses equipment furnished by the government to include NRTIO biometrics, PCASS, and CELLEX equipment at each site. Sites work in concert with the Defense Biometric Identification System (DBIDS), Site Security Manager (SSM), and necessary biometrics databases in order to accomplish required screenings.
Screening Process: The Screener conducts the screening process in accordance with (IAW) applicable USCENTCOM and USAFCENT security directives and the established standard operating procedures (SOPs). The Screener uses Site-specific SOPs, based on the local environment, the host nation processes, applicable U.S. or host nation requirements or laws, and needs of the locally supported AFOSI units.
Screening Preparation: The Site Lead receives notification of newly hired contractor employees or other persons requiring access from the installation contracting office or local command authorities. Additional interviews and screening efforts may be required as determined by the local AFOSI supported unit. The Screener prepares for the specific screening accordingly.
Screening Methodology: The Screener conducts screening interviews IAW the SOPs used and approved by U.S. Government representatives (Contracting Officer's Representative (COR), with the overall intent of identifying applicants that pose a risk to U.S., Coalition or Host Nation forces. Screeners structure their interviews to create a professional and respectful environment. Screeners use rapport building techniques to build trust with the applicant. It is important that the applicant understands the purpose of the interview and how the information from the interview will be used.
Reporting Results: The Screener prepares and submits reports of screening results which are then sent to the respective AFOSI and installation security/force protection offices, if derogatory information is discovered, as prescribed by the local AFOSI Commander.
Safeguarding Information: The Screener always safeguards all information and information systems with applicable guidance and rules set forth by the U.S. Government, Department of Defense and installation security office. Information derived from the operation of a LEP screening cell is the property of the U.S. Government and is safeguarded IAW classification and applicable guidance.

Minimum Education/ Experience:
Active Secret clearance
Screeners shall be the DoD Civilian equivalent of AFOSI (AFSC 7S071), Naval Criminal Investigative Service, Army CID, USAF AFSC 3P0X1 (Security Forces) with four (4) years law enforcement or investigations experience, or USA MOS 35L/M, 180A, 18F, 35E (Strategic Debriefer or individual with similar skill set) with a minimum of four (4) years field experience (not including training time)
Must have experience with screening, screening tasks and/or investigative questioning techniques and knowledge of SIPRNet search engines and database retrieval tools, such as QueryTree and M3
Deployed experience is preferred
Screeners with secondary and tertiary language abilities are highly desired

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