Nov 24, 2020

Police Instructor , Mexico

Employer: Alutiiq
Location: Mexico

Job Description
Police Instructors will develop, coordinate, and deliver comprehensive law enforcement courses in the full range of law enforcement topics to include courses in basic police skills, firearms and tactics, community policing, police supervision and management, intelligence analysis, instructor development, curriculum development, and training evaluation, basic and specialized criminal investigation, such as intelligence, organized crime, money laundering, anti-kidnapping, cyber investigations, gangs, and/or other courses requested by the client based upon ethical and professional standards for members of the host nation.

Required Skills:
Please note that pursuant to a government contract, this position requires U.S. Citizenship status.
Ability to possess/maintain a Minimum Risk Public Trust (MRPT) Certification by the Bureau of Diplomatic Security.
A Bachelor's degree from an accredited U.S. educational institution.
Ten (10) years in active, sworn position in a full service law enforcement agency.
Demonstrated ability and experience to train law enforcement personnel.
Demonstrated ability to improvise, adapt and persevere in a fluid environment, and under challenging circumstances.
Demonstrated ability to communicate with high ranking government officials in diplomatic and/or law enforcement environments.
A minimum of one (1) year experience as a Journeyman or First Line Supervisor.
Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite and experience using Internet resources to conduct research and to manage projects.
Spanish FSI level 4/4 or equivalent.
English FSI level 4/4 or equivalent.
Demonstrated experience in using management, interpersonal, and communication skills in a team environment and professional law enforcement setting preferred.
Skill in using management information systems, including word processing, accounting, data base management, and graphics applications preferred.
Military police, military intelligence, or intelligence community experience alone shall not qualify for police experience for the candidate. Instructors shall have a combination of military intelligence or intelligence community experience, plus federal, state, or local law enforcement intelligence experience in conducting similar or related activities.

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