Dec 2, 2019

Force Protection Specialist , Afghanistan

Employer: Constellis
Location: Afghanistan

Job Description
Experience and Requirements

Extensive military experience in Security/Intelligence-related matters and conducting base security assessments is required.
Extensive Intelligence exchange with Host Nation agencies and resultant analysis is required.
Counter-terrorist experience is desired.
Proficiency in light and medium weapons (pistol, assault rifle, medium machine gun) is required.
Inter-personal skills, i.e., establish and maintain rapport with Host Nation Security and Intelligence agencies is required.
Extensive experience in assessing Threat and Friendly Force capabilities. Experience in handling and
implementation (in the defense) of light and medium weapons (M16A2, M4 carbine, 9mm pistol, M60 MG) is required.
Experience in conducting safety familiarization and live-fire training on light weapons (M16A2, M4, 9mm pistol) is required.
Light and medium weapons operation and employment, perimeter defense procedures and principles are required.
CMF 18 (B,C, D, E & F) or 11B, 0311, Navy Seal or Air Force CCT Series MOS. Completion of associated weapons school for weapons supported before or incident to assignment.

High School or Equivalent

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