Aug 24, 2019

Operational Team Leaders (OTL) and Standard Operators (SO)

Employer:Six Maritime
Location: Offshore Global

We are currently interviewing for the following positions.

Operational Team Leaders (OTL)
Standard Operators (SO)

Operator Requirements
As a minimum, Six Maritime demands that all personnel working as Maritime Security Operators have the following qualifications and certifications. These can be obtained individually or in our single MSO course. We now offer our combination training package and vetting course which includes ISPS (SSO,CSO,PFSO) and STCW basic safety training. Please be sure to load a photo of yourself and all certifications plus DD214 if you are previous military.

Minimum Qualifications
Passport with minimum 6 months validity

Criminal Clearance Certificate or TWIC for US
DD214 With Honorable Discharge
ENG1 Medical and Psych Clearance
STCW95 - Fire
STCW95 - First Aid
STCW95 - Safety
STCW95 - Survival
Seamans Discharge British Only...NA for US TWIC Covers
Vaccination Card (with current Yellow Fever)
HUET Course (OPTIO recognized - For Offshore O&G)
BOSIET also Covers this requirement
Preferred Qualifications
Leadership Training
ISPS SSO course
ISPS CSO course
ISPS PFSO course (for some tasks)
Anti-Piracy Course BMP4 Regulations
RHIB Drivers (for some tasks)
US Armed forces Rhib Coxswain

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