Apr 15, 2019

Security Reconnaissance Team (SRT) Guard Medic

Employer: SOC
Location: Afghanistan

SOC is a trusted global provider of mission solutions with a history of assuring safe and effective operations for U.S. Government and commercial customers. SOC provides a guarantee of discrete and effective service so that customers can do their best work. We employ over 5,000 professionals engaged in the delivery of mission critical safeguards and security, facility management and operations, engineering, explosive ordnance storage and disposal, and international logistics and life support services. Our customers include the U.S. Departments of State, Energy, and Defense, Fortune 500 companies, and non-governmental organizations.

Track and maintain individual supply requirements, assist in training activities of fellow medics and team members, attend courses that have relevance to assigned duties Provide emergent and non-emergent medical support such as treatment of minor acute illnesses in field conditions to include, but not limited to, fluid resuscitation, hemorrhage control with hemostatic agents, airway support, and life support

Shall be a level 2+ in English unless otherwise outlined at the task order level.
Four years’ Armed Force experience.

Four years’ experience in Military Occupational Specialty or Armed Force Specialty Codes designated a combat medic or civilian certification equivalent to NREMT EMT.
Must be able to perform the following physical tasks:
(1) Drag, carry, lift, and/or pull a person to safety

(2) Use physical force to detain a subject or prevent unauthorized entry

(3) Prolonged standing and/or sustained patrol on foot or in a vehicle

(4) Sustained pursuit of suspect on foot

(5) Dodging, crawling, climbing, and/or rapid ascent of stairs

(6) Perform the above wearing duty equipment and/or personal protective equipment under adverse environmental conditions