Apr 15, 2019

ARMED Senior CI Support Specialist

Location: Afghanistan

#BACK_OPEN $115-170,000 Armed CI Roles
Pay rate: Negotiable
Duration: 330 days ($20K tax savings do to 330 day IRS rule)

Former #35L, #97B, #35E, #351L, formerly badged and credentialed #1810/ #1811/ #0132

OR #18F = SF INTEL NCO OR #180A SF WO with #ASOT (3), OR other Service equivalents specialty codes such as USAF #7S091 – Special Investigator (SI) #USMC21 Counterintelligence/ Human Intelligence (CI/HUMINT) Specialist, OR other DoD Joint Service equivalent specialty codes

Security Clearance: Secret and Above

Job Responsibilities:

With a wide range of knowledge, performs CI Operations staff officer support duties to include policy, doctrine, foreign intelligence service threat assessments, evaluation of CI Operations concept of operations (CONOPS), vulnerability assessments, and other planning, staffing, and programmatic activities. FYI, its AFG.. the living conditions are not the Ritz Carlton..

**Requirements of the position are and must be addressed in the application or resume**

Skills and/or qualifications 

5 years operational experience coordinating operations
Knowledge of Army/Joint CI procedures, doctrine, and practices
Knowledge of Army/Joint Counterintelligence regulations and legal limits.
Knowledge of basic CI analysis, datamining, and DoD common intelligence systems
Experience in working with and through interpreters
Experience with interview and solicitation techniques
Experience with CI principles and methods
Experience in developing screening / interviewing / debriefing plans
Experience in conducting screenings / interviewing / debriefing
Proficient in briefing senior leadership at the O6 level
Experience with the evaluation of information requiring further investigation
Deployment experience
Experience writing / reviewing military reports
Experience supporting CI operations OR acting in the capacity of / performing the mission of a CI agent
Able to qualify with the M4 rifle and M9 pistol using basic military marksmanship standards
Able to carry a 60-lb pack in the field and the M4 rifle for self defense
Education and/or training –

Army CI credentialing course such as CI Special Agent Course (CISAC) or other accredited DOD CI credentialing courses such as Advance Foreign CI Training Course (AFCITC) OR MAGTF CI/HUMINT Basic Course OR NCIS Special Agent Basic Training Program (SABTP)
Experience –

At least eight years’ experience with former MOS 35L, 97B, 35E, 351L, OR civilian formerly badged and credentialed 1810/1811/0132 OR 18F = SF INTEL NCO OR 180A SF WO with ASOT-III, OR other Service equivalents specialty codes such as USAF 7S091 – Special Investigator (SI) USMC 0211 Counterintelligence/Human Intelligence (CI/HUMINT) Specialist, OR other DoD Joint Service equivalent specialty codes

Highly desired qualifications and/or experience –

Education – Bachelor’s Degree
Knowledge of Dari or Pashto language
Working knowledge of Afghan culture
Familiar with CI Systems and databases such as PCASS, CELLEX, BI2R, TCOP, HOT-R
DSDC Qualified
Tactical Deployment CI experience
Management Experience

How To Apply:
Address all the requirements, above in red, and what applies, above in Blue, in the application and submit a tailored resume to:  xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx.com

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