Feb 11, 2019

Security Specialist P3 , Somalia

Employer: UNOPS
Location: Mogadishu , Somalia

Functional Responsibilities

The Security Specialist will work under the guidance and supervision of the UNMAS Somalia Head of Security and will function as his/her deputy. As such, the position is responsible for providing effective and efficient security services to enable the safe conduct of local programmes and operations. The incumbent promotes compliance and client-oriented approach consistent with UNOPS rules and regulations and UN Security Management System regulations. In the absence of the Head of Security, he/she works closely with and advises Programme Management and personnel to plan for and resolve security related issues.Summary of Key Functions

Advisory and technical
Staff Development
Team management
Knowledge Building and Knowledge Sharing

1. Advisory and Technical
Advise the Head of Office, Operations Manager and all Project Managers on all safety and security related matters including the planning and implementation of projects.
In line with the UN Security Management System methodology, policies, and procedures develop, as required, security risk assessments outlining potential threats, risks levels and recommended mitigation strategies for office and project operations, taking into consideration relevant and existing assessments;
Provide technical advisory and oversight services to ensure that safety and security is a core component of all programmes at the duty station and that appropriate funding is provided based on actual needs.

2. Operations
Maintain close relations with UNDSS and assist UNDSS in performing their overall coordination role providing information and support on issues related to UNMAS.
Together with the Head of Security, develop, adapt, and implement security policies, protocols and procedures for local conditions, consistent with UN security frameworks.
Support the Head of Security in the prepare an annual security work plan including the budget for all aspects of office security including full compliance with UN security management policies, procedures and guidelines; including:
Security plan
Implementation of mandatory security mitigation measures
Security Safety
Revise and update the office Business Continuity Plan from a Security and Safety perspective.
Maintain an up-to-date database of personnel and their dependents, information and related to UNMAS offices, residences, project sites, focal points, and the warden system for the implementation of the office/operation’s security plan.
Review security arrangements for all operations, maintaining relevant instructions, such as security and evacuation plans for ready access by all parties.
Ensure the smooth and efficient evacuation of UNMAS staff members, designated personnel, and dependants, managing the implementation of UNDSS and UNMAS evacuation and extrication policies, and assuming leadership in the case of declaration of evacuation.
Coordinate personnel when responding to emergencies and alarms.
Develop a mechanism for reporting all security-related incidents that may have an impact on UNMAS projects or programmes.
Liaise with and update regularly the UNMAS Chief of Security on the security situation, submitting periodic reports on security issues and performance.
Brief all-new project managers on security concern specific to their projects.
Perform security assessments, both routine and exceptional, as required, to ensure optimal safety standards are in place for staff travelling across the area of operation.
Maintain accurate multi-sourced country records on current and projected security issues (assessments, security plans, etc.) and brief necessary staff across the region when required.
Monitor and facilitate staff adherence to, and compliance with, the various UNDSS advisories, in particular: directions related to warden systems; mandatory mitigation measures); residential security management (RSM), etc.
Determine, manage and account for the use of security equipment including secure communications equipment.
Analyze data to form proposals for improvements (e.g. the implementation of new technology);
Plan and coordinate security operations for specific events and visits.
Manage and perform daily monitoring, taking necessary action when required, and generate reports as needed.
Manage the inspection of the main office, facilities, residential compounds, as well as field offices and compounds, providing guidance and procedures for achieving full compliance with the mandatory mitigation measures and RSM compliance.
Ensure that appropriate and effective coordination is maintained with other UN security personnel and other regional security services to facilitate the seamless implementation of the security arrangements across the respective business unit/office.
Liaise with the local government security organizations to gather and assess information on security and safety matters that might affect UNMAS personnel and programmes located in various areas in the country and provide analysis of security-related information obtained.
Escort UNMAS staff during field mission as and when required.

3. Staff Development

Support in the delivery staff development and training programs for UNMAS and other agency personnel, including presentations as part of the UNDSS Somalia SSAFE training.
Ensure that all UNMAS personnel receive briefings upon initial arrival, local security training as necessitated by changes in the security environment, and are kept informed of matters affecting their security;
Maintain up-to-date instructions and training for personnel on implementation of the security plan, including required precautions, a comprehensive listing of emergency supplies, and guidance on action taken during emergencies, including natural disasters and political crises;
Provide heightened security awareness training to staff, beyond the required security and emergency procedures, if necessary.

4. Team Management
Support in the provision of high-quality results and services of the team supervised through effective recruitment, work planning, performance management, coaching, and promotion of learning and development.
Provide oversight, ensuring compliance by team members with existing policies and best practices.

5. Knowledge building and Knowledge sharing
Together with the Head of Security, oversee team’s contributions to Security knowledge networks and communities of practice including collaborative synthesis of lessons learnt and dissemination of best practices in Security.
Guide team’s collection of feedback, ideas, and internal knowledge about processes and best practices and utilize productively.
Perform other related duties as assigned by supervisor.

Education/Experience/Language requirements

Advanced university degree (Master’s Degree or equivalent) in social or political science, law, public administration, business management, security management or related field with 5 (five) years of relevant experience is required; OR
A first-level university degree (Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent) in social or political science, law, public administration, business management, security management or related field with 7 (seven) years of relevant experience is required; OR
Secondary School Diploma (High school or equivalent) with a minimum of eleven (11) years of relevant experience is required; OR
Military experience with a minimum of eleven (11) years of relevant experience in civilian police/military or private security may be accepted in lieu of formal education.Experience:
Relevant experience is defined as experience in security management at the international level;
Experience working in hardship locations is desired;
Computer literacy is required.

Language requirement:

Fluency in English (Reading, writing and Speaking) is required;
Fluency in another UN working language desired.

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