Feb 10, 2019

Post Security Manager , Qatar

Employer: British Embassy
Location: Doha , Qatar

Job Description (Roles and Responsibilities)

The British Embassy, Doha has a vacancy for a Post Security Manager, Grade B3 (L).

Main Purpose of the Job:
Reporting to the Deputy Head of Mission/Post Security Officer, the Post Security Manager will manage the embassy’s Security Management Team, playing an integral role in the delivery of security strategy to reduce risk and respond effectively to emerging threats. Working with the Bahrain based Regional Overseas Security Manager, the Post Security Manager will oversee security policy, processes, and physical and technical security measures at Post, providing first point of contact assistance and subject matter expertise to security related queries and issues, and to a range of stakeholders.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:
General Security Management

To be first point of contact within the embassy for security related concerns, providing all stakeholders with quick, well calibrated advice, escalating issues of concern accordingly.
To be the embassy’s subject matter expert on Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) security policy and procedure, seeking further guidance and clarity on unfamiliar issues.
To actively monitor security threats, risks and issues, consulting the Post Security Officer (PSO) on risk mitigation techniques and Post State of Vigilance (SOV), setting commensurate security posture accordingly.
Liaise with Diplomatic and local police on protective security issues.
To provide an out of hours response to security incidents, assisting in the coordination of security resources and management of any emergency response.
To plan and execute effective security strategy for embassy events and visits that ensures commensurate levels of security, balanced against threat and business need.
Conduct security risk assessments for external events and assist hosts in setting appropriate security posture.
To monitor and report to the PSO and Regional Overseas Security Manager (ROSM) security breaches and security related incidents, and assisting with post breach/incident management.
Lead on completion of Overseas Security Advisor (OSA) recommendations at Post in consultation with the ROSM.
Act as local point of contact for V/VIP security details, and assist Post’s Visits Officer to ensure adequate security for visiting dignitaries.
Conduct security induction briefings and training within 5 days of arrival, for all new members of staff and UKB families.
Provide ongoing security support and advice to UKB families in collaboration with Community Liaison Officer (CLO).
Provide supervision of works within the Green Zone as required.
Guard Force Management

To manage a large contracted guard force providing a range of manned guarding duties to the embassy, ensuring security policy is adhered to and the operational effectiveness of all procedural, physical and technical security measures is maintained at all times.
To administer the contracted guard force ensuring robust standing orders are up to date, appropriate and effective, and underpinned by regular training and practice drills.
To assist the Guard Supervisor in ensuring the embassy’s operational needs are met through efficient resourcing that reflects business need. To ensure that guard schedules and rosters are accurate and submitted in a timely manner to allow efficient financial planning.
To liaise with the contractor’s management team through quarterly meetings to ensure acceptable guarding standards are maintained through regular monitoring of contract Key Performance Indicators. To also ensure that the contractor maintains appropriate standards of welfare and duty of care to the guards.
To ensure effective manned guarding services with a particular emphasis on access control; person and vehicle search; patrolling; fire prevention; mail scanning; maintenance of occurrence book (XQ1); incident reporting and incident response; protective surveillance; and exceptional customer service to visitors.
Physical Security

Review and maintain the physical security of the Embassy and Residence grounds, identifying and dealing with issues quickly and effectively.
Act as Post lead for significant installation/maintenance projects of physical security measures in consultation with relevant partners and stakeholders.
To review and, where necessary, implement physical security upgrades to staff accommodation.
To maintain a record of secure combinations and access codes to critical areas, administering routine changes when required.
To provide training and guidance on embassy opening/closing procedure and policy to relevant staff.
To assist the embassy Estates Team to ensure maintenance schedules and emergency repairs to the Heavy Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) measures are conducted efficiently by the maintenance contractor.
Technical Security

Responsible for Automated Access Control Systems (AACS), ID badge issue, issuing access privileges, and monitoring and reporting system faults.
Monitor and report issues with Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and to provide training and guidance to system users.
Conduct and record weekly testing of VOICE alarm system reporting any concerns to regional Senior Technical Security Officer (STSO).
Ensure FCO policy on electronic devices and mobile phones is adhered to.
Administer and account for the Hytera Digital Radio systems, ensuring that regular radio checks are carried out and recorded.
Provide remote assistance and support, where possible, to regionally based STSO.
Personnel Security

Conduct all local staff security vetting, ensuring all mandatory checks are completed in line with FCO guidance and policy, liaising with UK Security Vetting/ROSM/PSO and Personnel Security Team, and storing records appropriately.
To manage staff access to areas and information within Government Security Classification (GSC) and FCO policy.
To manage cleared/un cleared contractors and escorted/unescorted visitor passes and access policy through consultation with the PSO and Post Security Committee (PSC).
To ensure adequate supervision of external contractors and maintenance staff.
Security Administration

To be Secretariat of the Post Security Committee (PSC). Under direction of the PSO, to arrange meetings; draft agendas; and record, draft and issue accurate minutes in a timely manner.
Thorough security risk assessments and reports of all internal and external embassy events.
To ensure all XQ logs are managed accurately and efficiently, and available for inspection.
Monitor and report on Estates and Security Directorate Key Performance Indicators on a quarterly basis.
Review, revise and issue Post Security Regulations (PSR) 1 to all new staff upon taking up appointment and all staff thereafter on an annual basis. Issue PSR 2 to all new UK based (UKB) staff and LE staff with access to the Confidential Area, and re issue on an annual basis.
To assist the PSO with security breach investigations and remedial action.
To maintain an accurate inventory of security equipment, ensuring all equipment is in satisfactory working order
Ensure that regular security incident drills are conducted and that all staff are adequately briefed on procedures.
Conduct security surveys of new staff accommodation and any other property being purchased or leased.
To conduct periodic out of hours inspections of the embassy to identify security breaches, reporting findings to the PSO
To act as contract owner for all security related contracts, i.e. guarding and gate maintenance.
Act as delegated budget holder for Post’s security budget and provide quarterly reporting to Corporate Services on budget forecasting and expenditure.

Manage all incoming and outgoing diplomatic mail in line with FCO guidance and policy.
Build strong and effective networks and relationships with key contacts outside of the embassy with a particular focus on other friendly embassies, security professionals and security organisations.
To ensure effective outreach and engagement with the British Council in Doha.
To take an active role in the embassy’s Crisis Management Plan (CMP) and embassy response to incidents or emerging threats that may affect the embassy or UK nationals.
Assist FCO Services with security related projects at Post.
To provide logistics and transport support, alongside security responsibility, to embassy visits.
Key Competencies:

Managing a Quality Service: Effectiveness in this area means focusing on delivering timely performance with energy and taking responsibility and accountability for quality outcomes.
Making Effective Decisions: Effectiveness in this area is about being objective; using sound judgment, evidence and knowledge to provide accurate, expert and professional advice.
Delivering at Pace: Effectiveness in this area means focusing on delivering timely performance with energy and taking responsibility and accountability for quality outcomes.
Leading and Communicating: People skilled in this area create and maintain positive, professional and trusting working relationships with a wide range of people within and outside the Civil Service to help get business done.

Essential qualifications, skills and experience
• Fluency in English (both oral and written)

Military, Law Enforcement or Commercial Security experience, or five years’ experience within a relevant field; or
Significant previous experience of a customer facing role within a dynamic and busy environment
Ability to think rationally and take decisive action when under pressure and during challenging situations
Must be a proven team leader with good communication skills at all levels
Must possess good presentation and interpersonal skills.
The ability to work quickly, reliably and proactively with attention to detail and with limited supervision.
Strong IT computer skills using Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Office.

Desirable qualifications, skills and experience
• Arabic is desirable, but not essential

Formal security related training qualifications.