Jan 11, 2019

Guard Shift Leader - Level 1

Employer: Constellis
Location: Afghanistan

Job description: 
Guard Shift Leader U.S. EXPAT (Level I): Shift leaders are responsible for an entire internal security shift. There shall be a Shift leader on the BDOC or equivalent or force protection command watch floor 24 hours per day, seven days per week, and serve as the operational linkage between the Government and the contractor. Duties include issuing direction to the contractor personnel as part of the integrated defense of the installation in concert with Government or coalition forces (coordinated via the COR). Shift leaders are considered key personnel and shall possess the following qualifications: The contractor will ensure shift leaders develop standard operating procedures for operations at the ECPs. SOPs will be posted and available for review by base defense personnel and the COR at all times.

Minimum 25 years of age.
Shall be fluent in English speaking, reading and writing at a level necessary to give and receive situational reports. Shall have the ability to read and write in English at Level 3 proficiency rating.

Shall be a U.S. citizen and possess an active U.S. Secret Clearance
Must possess a Military background reaching the rank of Non-Commissioned Officer or higher, verifiable through military transcripts and evaluations. Must have received an honorable discharge as verified by a form DD Form 214 (U.S. Military). Personnel who have been discharged with characterization of "General under other than honorable', "Bad Conduct", or "Dishonorable" are disqualified from this position.
Must be able to qualify on personal weapons. Any special weapons qualifications will be defined by COR.
Must possess a valid U.S. driver's license.
Shall be able to physically perform internal security guard services, at any potential internal security posting for up to 12 hours at the direction of the PCO, ACO, or government authority, (not to exceed 72 hours a week), often in austere conditions to include extreme heat, cold, wind, dust, rain or snow, while donning all required personal protective gear.
Must have demonstrated proficiency of Microsoft Office Suite software to include Outlook PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and Internal Explorer.
Guards shall be limited to 8 hour shifts not more than 6 days per week unless otherwise directed

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