Apr 24, 2018

Security Manager - Iraq

Location: Iraq,Erbil
Closing date: 30 Apr 2018

General purpose of the position

Security Manager is responsible for monitoring the security operations for any Iraq projects. He/She implement security policies, regulations, rules, and norms and makes sure that the environment in  Iraq Mission is safe for employers and visitors. Responsible collect and provide appropriate Access and Security information to theIraq mission, well informed and advise staff (Expat and national) accordingly on the safety situation in Iraq in order to guarantee a to operate programmes within a safe and secure environment.

Main responsibilities and tasks
Develop and implement  security policies, protocols and procedures
Develop a clear understanding of local and regional safety context
Responsible to provide security induction / briefing to the new staff (national and expat)
Attend regular meetings with Project / Program managers to determine operational needs
Makes daily safety advice accessible and useable for Program staff
Monitoring the safety of the daily field activities in close coordination with Program/Project Manager
Provide Assessment and Analysis of the locally relevant context in Iraq
Liaise and maintain relationships with key internal and external stakeholders in Iraq in order to guarantee INGO access, movement and acceptance in the INGO AOO
Create and maintain an internal/extern proper system of communication to support safety management
Problem-solving activities related to safety and security in working area (Erbil, Bagdad,Tikrit, Hamam Al Alil/Mosul, Kirkuk, Shirquat )
Provides advice and recommendations to senior managers on safety issues in humanitarian work
Responsible to conduct Safety and Access field Assessment and prepare reports
Able to manage any crises response in coordination and support of Head of Mission
Plan and coordinate security operations for specific events (as requested by HoM)
Review, Investigate and resolve issues and provide reports on incidents and breaches related to security
Create regular security reports for management on security status in Iraq
Assist Program person to ensure all program staff are follow security protocol; these including assist Program to get legal proper travel document to work at the field

Required profile and experience


Coursework in security information and management, emergency planning and/or business asset protection

Professional experience

Minimum 2-year experience

Professional requirements
Excellent knowledge and understanding on Iraq region
Ability to work with diversity team
Excellent communications skills
Strong knowledge on reporting and/or develop Security policies and procedures
Good computer skills.


Strong English language (written and Verbal)

Personal requirements
Strong Interpersonal Skills

Send your CV, motivation letter and 2 references to: xxxxxxxx@xxxxxx.com

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