Jan 11, 2017

Security Manager

Location: Middle East, South Asia and Africa

We are currently recruiting Security Managers for upcoming projects. The job entails being the security advisor to Client senior management and the scope of work includes, but is not limited to:
Head of Client security department – senior security advisor to Client senior management.
Continuous monitoring and description of operational environment including describing the actors, their modus operandi, frequency of incidents and targets.

Liaison with national line ministries, intelligence organizations, executive authorities and other key entities; security liaison, coordination, reports and briefings.
Security Risk Assessments of Client installations and operational environment as well as designing and implementing appropriate mitigating measures.

Crisis and incident response preparation, organization, management and reporting.
Chief of Station - responsible for conduct and quality of services of personnel and property.

The successful applicant will possess, as a minimum, the following requirements:
EU citizen, minimum 35 years old.
No criminal background, able to pass NATO security clearance level TOP SECRET.
Fluent in English.
Relevant military, police or security experience in an international environment.
Proven experience in a management and decision making role.
Proven experience in an intelligence and analysis role.
Strong proven conceptual, analytic and diplomatic skills.

How To Apply:
Applications to be sent to xxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxx.com 
Email available to paid up members ONLY