Nov 28, 2016

Situation-Specific Investigation Assistant

Employer: ICC
Location: Sudan Darfur
Type of Appointment: Fixed Term Appointment
Minimum Net Annual Salary (Single Rate): €42,607.00
Contract Duration: To be determined

A roster of suitable candidates may be established for this post as a result of this selection process for fixed-term appointments against both established posts and positions funded by general temporary assistance (GTA).

Organisational Context
The Investigation Teams are comprised of investigators and analysts from the Investigation Division (ID) and work in the context of the Integrated Teams of the Office of the Prosecutor (OTP). The investigative teams are in charge, amongst others, of the following functions:
Develop and update within the Integrated Teams investigation and analysis plans;
Execute the investigation and analysis plans in an impartial, safe, efficient and cost-effective manner;
Establish an institutional ethos and clear procedures to safeguard the obligation of objective investigation and analysis; and
Support the prosecution activities of the Integrated Team.

Duties and Responsibilities
Under the general supervision of the Head of the Investigation Division and/or Investigation Coordinator and the direct supervision of the Investigation Team Leader the incumbent is expected to support the investigation team in better understanding the socio-economic and cultural aspects of the Darfur-Sudan situation under investigation, enabling the adjustment of the investigative strategy and operations to the existing conditions and resources of the local communities. In particular:

Assist in developing a local support network for the investigations, including contacts with different local organizations, civil society groups, diaspora groups related with the Darfur-Sudan situation and other relevant local/regional networks;
Support the investigative team in the collection, screening and handling of information and evidence in accordance with OTP standard operating procedures;
Support investigators conducting interviews with victims, witnesses and suspects, in particular by assisting the investigation team in approaching and developing a rapport with witnesses and victims in ways that are coherent with and respectful of their culture;
Conduct open-source research and collation of information as requested;
Review and perform preliminary analysis of materials relating to the reference situation and/or in the reference language(s), including assisting in interpreting correctly the information and evidence, in view of its social, cultural and linguistic context;
Assist the investigation team in finding potential areas of evidence and investigative opportunities characteristic of the victimized societies and the perpetrating structures, by identifying relevant leads and making recommendations for next investigative steps;
Support training activities towards increasing the situation country knowledge of the investigation team members;
Assist the investigation team and operational units in identifying investigative and operational strategies appropriate and coherent with the local societies;
Support the investigation team with relevant language skills;
Assist in the planning, preparation, as well as participate and support field missions;
When possible, considering the security situation, publicly represent the OTP investigation in the situation country;
Testify before the Chamber, if and when required;
Perform other duties as required.

Essential Qualifications
Being a national and/or residing at least 7 years in Darfur-Sudan. Particular focus will be given to applicants with investigative experience within the context of the Darfur-Sudan situation under investigation by the OTP.

Diploma of secondary education.
Relevant training in investigation and/or analysis techniques and relevant investigative and/or analytical experience, be it in the context of criminal investigations, investigations of serious human rights violations or investigative analysis, is highly desirable.

A minimum of eight years of progressively responsible relevant work experience. An advanced or a first-level university degree may be considered as a substitute for two years' working experience only to determine eligibility.
Experience in the context of criminal investigations or with NGO’s/IGO’s/International Commissions of Enquiry or with other investigative bodies, with a special focus on investigations of human rights violations or other type of serious crimes.

Knowledge, skills, and abilities:
Ability to administrate and handle complex and voluminous amounts of information and evidence;
Excellent ability for team-work, including listening, sharing, communicating and peer-support skills;
Good interpersonal and negotiation skills and ability to develop and foster networks of cooperation;
Good research, analytical and problem-solving skills;
Ability and awareness on the management of sensitive information;
Ability to work under stressful conditions;
Flexibility and adaptability to changing environment and plans;
Ability to work in a non-discriminatory manner, with respect for gender and cultural diversity;
Professional and personal integrity and commitment to the core values and objectives of the International Criminal Court.

Knowledge of languages:
Fluency in either of the working languages of the Court, English or French, is essential. Fluency in both languages would be considered a strong asset.
Fluency in Arabic is essential; fluency in Fur, Zaghawa or Massaliet languages is considered an important asset.
Knowledge of additional official language of the Court, (Chinese, Russian, Spanish) would be considered an asset.

Successful applicant(s) will be required to demonstrate flexibility and adaptability. Upon the offer of a position as Situation Specific Investigation Assistants successful applicants will be informed on whether they will be based in HQ, in the situation country under investigation or in a nearby country, all dependent on the nature and phase of the investigation, as well as on the security situation in those locations. Nevertheless, wherever based, applicants may still be required to undertake repeated and sometimes lengthy deployments including to conflict or post-conflict environments.
The position of Situation Specific Investigation Assistant is a temporary position that depends on the needs of the investigation in the situation country of the applicants. Therefore, the need for such positions will be reviewed on a yearly basis and renewed only if there is a requirement for the position.

ICC Core Competencies
Dedication to the mission and values
- Acts consistently in accordance with the mission and values of the Organisation;
- Maintains confidentiality, acts with integrity and shows respect for diversity;
- Shows commitment to the organisation;
- Presents a positive image of the organisation during external discussions.

- Applies professional and technical expertise;
- Keeps abreast of organisational issues;
- Produces workable solutions to a range of problems;

- Listens, consults and communicates proactively;
- Handles disagreements with tact and diplomacy;
- Recognises and rewards the contribution of others;

Learning and developing
- Identifies development strategies needed to achieve work and career goals and makes use of developmental or
training opportunities;
- Learns from successes and failures;
- Seeks feedback and gives feedback to others to increase organisational effectiveness;
- Seeks opportunities for improvement of work;
- Has an open mind and contributes to innovation.

Handling uncertain situations
- Adapts to changing circumstances;
- Deals with ambiguity, making positive use of the opportunities it presents;
- Plans activities and projects well in advance and takes account of possible changing circumstances;
- Manages time effectively.

- Expresses opinions, information and key points of an argument clearly;
- Handles contacts with diplomacy and tact;
- Communicates in a transparent and open way with internal and external contacts while complying with
confidentiality requirements.

Realising objectives
- Accepts and tackles demanding goals with enthusiasm;
- Keeps to agreements with others;
- Focuses on client needs;
- Takes responsibility for actions, projects and people;
- Monitors and maintains quality and productivity

General Information
- The selected candidate will be subject to a Personnel Security Clearance (PSC) process in accordance with ICC policy. The PSC process will include but will not be limited to, verification of the information provided in the personal history form and a criminal record check. All candidates should be in a position to submit an electronic copy of their passport and all diplomas listed on their profile when requested;
- Applicants may check the status of vacancies on ICC E-Recruitment web-site;
- Post to be filled preferably by a national of a State Party to the ICC Statute, or of a State which has signed and is engaged in the ratification process or which is engaged in the accession process, but nationals from non-state parties may also be considered;
- In accordance with the Rome Statute, the ICC aims to achieve fair representation of women and men for all positions;
- Applications from female candidates are particularly encouraged;
- Personnel recruited at the General Service level are not entitled to all of the benefits granted to internationally-recruited staff;
- The Court reserves the right not to make any appointment to the vacancy, to make an appointment at a lower grade, or to make an appointment with a modified job description.
- The ICC is willing to apply the 'Inter-Organisation Agreement concerning Transfer, Secondment or Loan of Staff among the Organizations applying the United Nations Common System of Salaries and Allowances' or 'the Inter-Organisation Mobility Accord' on a reciprocal basis.