Nov 3, 2016

K9 Handler

Employer: SOC
Location: Baghdad, Iraq

The position is a part of a high-performing Explosive Detection Canine team deployed in an austere environment in support of a large government contract. K9 Handler is paired with a trained/certified NORT/ NAPWDA canine to conduct daily inspection and acceptance of incoming cargo and/or personnel to prevent unauthorized introduction of explosive materials or matter.

This is a featured job at SOC
Performs daily searches to detect and prevent unauthorized introduction of explosive materials or matter
Provides ongoing canine training continuously reassessing canine’s odor detection abilities and building upon and/or refining its existing abilities
Maintains all canine records, including assigned canine training and health records
Performs other functions as directed by the government client or SOC
Two years of service as a Military or Law Enforcement K9 Handler
One additional year of security-related experience (any national, state/provincial, local or commercial entities providing high threat protective service)
Canine team (Handler and assigned canine partner) required to validate by client prior to deployment
Must be able to successfully complete non-PSS training course and maintain required weapon qualifications, including Glock and M4
Must be a US citizen
Must be able to obtain and maintain Secret clearance

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Ability to exploit canine pack mentality in order to gain rapport, trust and bond

Ability to effectively demonstrate training techniques (movements) visually and verbally

Knowledge of IEDs, explosive materials and composition

Experience/knowledge in proper handling, storage and/or trasportation of explosive compounds

Knowledge and understanding of cross contamination prevention protocols for explosive odor training and testing

Ability to recognize K9 diseases, be familiar with K9 hygiene requirements and optimal physical condition

Ability to effectively communicate with all stakeholders