Nov 28, 2016

Internship - Personnel Security and Investigations Office

Employer: ICC
Location: Hague

Duties and Responsibilities

Under the supervision of the Personnel Security Officer, assist in tasks associated with the background investigative screening (vetting) of staff, contractors and other support workers to ensure the reliability and integrity of personnel assigned to the Court;

As required, conduct project work on specific areas relating to the background investigative screening of staff, contractors and other support workers.

Assist with the administrative functions of the Personnel Security and Investigations Office.

Required Qualifications


All Candidates must have a degree or be in the final stages of their studies at a recognised university. Candidates are expected to have a very good record of academic performance.


Internship placements focus on candidates in the early stages of their professional careers therefore; practical experience is not an essential prerequisite for selection. However, practical experience that is relevant to the work of the Court may be considered an asset.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Able to adapt to multicultural and multilingual working environments.
Possesses strong teamwork skills (listens, consults and communicates proactively).
Has acquired a good standard of computer skills (including Microsoft Office applications).

Knowledge of Languages:
Proficiency in one of the working languages of the Court, French or English, is required. Working knowledge of the other is desirable. Knowledge of another official language of the Court (Arabic, Chinese, Russian or Spanish) is considered an asset.

Please note that the ICC is not able to provide participants in the Internship Programme with remuneration, nor is it possible to provide any reimbursement for any expenses incurred during the internship. Accordingly, applicants must have the necessary resources or other financial support for the duration of the internship for which they have been selected.