Nov 21, 2016

Integration and Training Instructor (ITI) - (WPS ITI)

Employer: Academi
Location: OCONUS

Job Description

Supervise training for WPS and integration PSOs in overseas locations
The ITI is designated as personal security specialist personal security specialist (P) in reference to the Section H, Deduct Clause
The ITI is required to attend the protective security specialist (PSS) personnel training course and the Basic Field Firearms Officers Course (BFFOC), as outlined in the contract
The ITI shall obtain weapons qualification as outlined in this contract, with the Glock, M4, Shotgun, M240, M249 and M203 and familiarization fire for the AK47
This position / labor category shall be vetted and approved by the High Threat Protection Program Management Office
The ITI is authorized to permanently fill the position / labor category of the Protective Security Specialist (PSS)
Liaison with other training entities involved with WPS and integration
Serve as mentor for integration PSOs
Conduct integration training for local national PSOs
Coordinate in-service training and firearms re-qualification.

Job Requirements

U.S. Citizen
Valid US issued passport and current driver’s license
Level 3 English proficiency
Two (2) years of experience as an instructor in a security field
Five (5) years of experience in protective security assignments
Two (2) of these years shall have been in a supervisory or in-charge-capacity
Six (6) months of protective security experience working under the required contract.