Nov 26, 2016

Guarding Operations Manager (Manned Security Services)

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Job Summary:
Under general supervision, directs security activities, this includes developing, implementing, and maturing of security of all units in order to centrally manage guarding operations.

Reporting: Directly to the GM.

TASK: The job position requires a high level of technical knowledge and experience in the area of security services, including risk assessment.

Duties and Responsibilities:
The delivery of quality security services and positive interaction with clients is critical to the completion of all tasks within this job description.
Manage the operations personnel in their daily tasks and ensure that the right assessment is being carried out for guarding operations.
Ensure security personnel comply with the company policy and procedures and site instructions by leading the process.
Update and maintain security policies, procedures and periodic review and revision of such documentation.
Develop and follow an audit plan for assessing security risks within guarding operations.
Ensure the compliance within government regulations and policies ( PSBD &DPS).
Maintain all documentation as required for outside regulatory agencies, and ISO.
Be aware security related technology, practices and regulations in the marketplace or from government or other companies.
Responsible for developing teamwork through his leadership.
Perform other related duties as assigned or requested and budget and forecast funds.
Maintain and execute weekly and monthly reports.


Personnel promotion, upgrading, transfer, granting of vacation.

Profile: It is important that this position be filled by a person from the industry or else at least by a person who posses:

· man management skills,
· from the service industry,
· Holding a position in senior management for at least 10 years.