Nov 28, 2016

Global Security Lead

Employer:Agency Aga Khan Foundation
Location Switzerland

The position 
The Global Security Lead is responsible for overseeing the protection of the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) globally and to produce effective responses to complex and dynamic threat environments. The Global Security Lead is, to a large degree, responsible for safeguarding the organisation’s reputation, technical infrastructure, operations, physical and financial assets, critical information, employees and program beneficiaries, and preserving stakeholder and donor confidence. He/she shall:
• Advise executive leadership on risks, mitigation methods, crisis response and recovery;
• Direct the development of an effective strategy to assess and mitigate risk, manage crises and incidents, maintain continuity of operations and safeguard AKF as well as other AKDN agencies which AKF supports directly or indirectly;
• Deploy when needed and often on short notice to locations with high risk, to address or support safety or security related concerns or lead/assist with crisis management and resolution;
• Advise and take necessary and at times immediate physical action to protect AKF staff, assets and interests;
• Identify, train and guide security focal points in each country/region to be part of AKF’s risk management framework;
• Monitor political, social, economic and military situations and identify trends relevant to the security situation;
• Work with AKF sister agencies globally to ensure appropriate levels of communication, support, policy implementation, resource utilisation and crisis response mechanisms are in place;
• Ensure that security planning becomes an integral part of day-to-day operations and is integrated into the development of future programs;
• Oversee and manage network of vendors and contractors involved in securing AKF assets including management of security related contracts and oversight to ensure efficient use of resources;
• Coordinate with Human Resources to ensure field staff know how to identify health risks in the region, how to protect against illness, injury and stress, and how to obtain proper support or medical treatment;
• Manage and update AKF security policies, standards, guidelines, procedures and ensure they are in-line with AKDN level directives. Assist with implementation;
• Develop an appropriate workplace violence awareness and prevention program;
• Direct staff at all levels in identifying, developing, implementing, and maintaining security processes, practices, and policies throughout the organisation to reduce risks, respond to incidents, limit exposure and liability in all areas of risk including information, financial, physical, personal and reputational;
• Investigate security breaches or incidents where staff or assets are exposed, threatened or harmed;
• Conduct audits to identify gaps in the security platform;
• Ensure the AKF’s compliance with the local, national, and international regulatory environments are applicable to the accountability of this role;
• Research and deploy technology solutions and innovative security management techniques to safeguard the organization’s personnel and assets, including intellectual property and critical information;
• Ensure that relevant and ongoing safety and security related staff awareness programs and training are in place;
• Develop relationships with external agencies, officials in law enforcement and international counterparts to include in-country security and international security agencies, intelligence, and other relevant functions as well as private sector counterparts worldwide;
• Through managers and/or other external resources (contractors), coordinate and implement site security, operations, and activities to ensure protection of executives, managers, employees, beneficiaries, stakeholders, visitors etc, as well as all physical and information assets, while ensuring optimal use of personnel and equipment;

The requirements • Demonstrated experience and exposure to the international arena dealing with security and risk related issues with a global perspective. Must have particular experience operating in high-risk environments as well as corporate settings at the leadership level;
• Ability to understand, interpret, analyze, and develop consensus within an organizational climate of diverse operational activities and staff with often-conflicting requirements;
• Ability to effectively communicate with all levels of the organization verbally and in writing (including briefing members of the Royal Family, executive management and governance board) on the status of security matters and associated issues;
• Strong analytical skills, leadership experience, and relationship management competencies to understand potential impacts and sensitivities of security issues;
• Demonstrated ability to work at an operational, tactical and strategic level of an organisation with interests in security compromised countries;
• Ability to build sustainable models of operation through pragmatic, innovative, and organisationally sensitive solutions;
• Ability to maintain ethics, integrity and principles under internal and/or external pressure;
• Qualitative experience in strategic planning and/or policy development at a senior leadership level;
• Ability to anticipate, investigate, influence, and assist the organization in its ability to rapidly adapt to changing conditions and trends of importance in light of the overall direction of the organization;
• Strong written and verbal communication abilities;
• Proven budget and financial management abilities;
• A bachelors level degree in an area relevant to the role;
• At least 10 years of relevant experience in the security industry plus an advanced degree in a related area of study OR 15 years of sufficiently relevent and graduated experience;
• At least 5 years of experience in a senior level leadership role. Demonstrated ability to develop and manage the functional duties of an executive position;
• Additional industry related technical qualifications and experience including close protection, workplace health and safety, investigations, security by design etc;
• A firm understanding and appreciation of the cultural, religious, political, social and environmental variances across Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe;
• A firm understanding of security best practice across multiple industries and sectors including the non-profit community and the public and private sectors;
• A clear understanding of AKDN and AKF specific culture, dynamics, processes and programs; and
• A commitment to excellence and an orientation toward successful program and staff development

Salary Salary and package to attract the best candidate

Removal Date 06-Dec-2016