Nov 1, 2016

Global Security Coordinator

Location: UK/Northen Ireland
Closing date: 16 Nov 2016

Salary: £43K - £45K
Contract: 3 Years Fixed Term Contract
Based: London, UK

Job Role

The role will be based within the Humanitarian Department in London, UK. The GSC will constantly monitor the changing security information flows, country and regional analysis. They will also ensure global crisis management systems are robust and owned.

The post will work across all levels of the organisation providing advice to senior organisational management and leadership teams (including executive directors and trustees) and staff.

As Global Security Coordinator you will provide advice and coordination on all systems, processes and procedures as outlined below so that they can be used and maintained by  staff that may not have a specific security background. A key objective of the post is to bring greater synergy and joined up thinking on security issues within organization.

How To Apply
The ideal applicant will need to send their CV and Cover letter to

Email available to paid up Members / Subscribers ONLY