Nov 13, 2016

EU National - Experienced Medic/CPO

Employer: GardaWorld
Location: Libya
Start Late November 2016 Job
Req Id 64641

Closing date for applications: Monday 14th November 2016, GMT 17:00

Start Date
Arrive Libya Late November 2016 – Subject to Further confirmation/Visa Processing/Interview & Successful Induction etc

Daily Rate
Competitive daily rate, paid in Euros.

8 weeks on, 4 weeks off, subject to operational requirements

Likely duration of task

12 months - subject to further confirmation

Travel/Flight Pay Details

Travel pay is one half of the On-Duty rate for day(s) spent travelling from the contractor’s country of residence to the place of work (max of 2 days) and on return to the country of residence (max of 2 days).


Accommodation, plus insurance and flights, as outlined below. The Hub Airport designated by the Company for the Consultant will be located in Europe and will be the most cost effective option available to the Company at the time of booking a flight. Operational effectiveness will also be considered when booking the flight. Such Hub Airport may not be the one geographically closest to Consultant’s residence and, as such, may require Consultant paying for the cost to and from such airport or making up the difference if Consultant resides outside Europe

The daily rate incorporates a per diem for all food expenses incurred on-duty.

For example: If the cost to deploy GW Contractor from his local airport hub to Libya is more than EUR750.00 then any additional costs will be borne by the contractor

Further information can be found in the GardaWorld Contractor Travel SOI, copy will provided upon acceptance


GardaWorld will provide the Independent Contractor with appropriate accommodation

Hiring Criteria

• Professional relevant experience (in the military, police)

* Specific professional experience required;
* Relevant Experience as Medic
* CP licensed by home country or completed course on CP from an internationally recognized institution;
* Certificate of clear criminal record;
* be physically able to perform all general duties, functions and activities;
* First Aid qualified to FPOS-I, or PSC1, or MIRA standards;
* Excellent interpersonal skills; flexible, discreet, diplomatic;
* Qualified on all weapons used by the Contractor;
* Category 'C ' driving license;
* English proficiency (written and oral): all CPOs must be literate in English to the extent of reading and understanding printed regulations, detailed written orders, training instructions and materials. They must be capable of communicating and understanding oral English;
* Arabic speaking is an advantage;
* GPS literate.

* The Certified First Responder shall be certified and licensed to a minimum of FPOS-I, or PSC1, or MIRA qualification
* Fracture management, including assessment, splinting, and use of traction splints where appropriate;
* Advanced airway management techniques including course certified use of Guedel airway and Nasopharyngeal airways ;
* Use of AED (Automated External Defibrillators);
* Management of burns, including classification, estimate of surface area, recognition of more serious burns, and treatment;
* Triage of patients in a mass casualty incident;
* Assessment and evaluation of general incident scene safety;
* Effective verbal and written reporting skills (charting);
* Routine medical equipment maintenance procedures;
* Routine radio operating procedures.

Job Duties

* Provide armed escort activities to EUBAM Libya Mission staff during vehicle moves;
* Provide close protection to all EUBAM Libya Mission staff during operational tasks, wherever going;
* Provide close protection to visitors as required and tasked by the MPM.

In addition to the Close Protection Officer’s qualifications, the Certified First Responder should be trained to provide immediate care and shall possess the following general set of skills:

* Stopping severe bleeding;
* Spinal injury management, including immobilization and safe transport; Evacuation with rescue equipment (type SKED®) or materials for improvising a litter;

For further information about GardaWorld please follow link:

Please note: any Information provided and your current performance shall be used by GardaWorld to evaluate your suitability for this position.

“Any deployment to Libya carries a degree of risk, for more information please go to where you can obtain the latest analysis, information and threat assessment”

Presentation of falsified credentials or false statements can lead to termination of any engagement (or future engagement) with the company.

Job Segment: Risk Management, Consulting, Finance, Technology

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