Nov 1, 2016

Director of Investigations and Law Enforcement Development, Bangkok

Employer:International Justice Mission (IJM)
Location : Thailand

International Justice Mission (IJM) is seeking a professional Director of Investigations and Law Enforcement Development (DILED) to lead IJM’s ILED team in Thailand to combat forced labor trafficking in Thailand and regionally. The DILED is responsible for developing, executing, and leading support to local Law Enforcement Officials (LEOs) investigating forced labor trafficking, helping to ensure victims are rescued and perpetrators are arrested and prosecuted. The DILED will lead law enforcement development strategies and activities, including training curriculum development and casework mentorship. The successful candidate must have a solid background in both criminal investigations and online investigations; possess a basic foundation of digital evidence and forensics; possess strong communication skills; be able to thrive in a detailed, dynamic environment; and be passionate about seeking justice.


The primary responsibilities of the DILED are to train, develop, mentor, and provide expert consultation and problem analysis to law enforcement agencies combating forced labor trafficking in the project area; implement effective strategies and best practices for combating forced labor trafficking; improve the public justice system’s capacity to combat forced labor trafficking; and develop leaders.
Model IJM values, mission, vision, and operating principles to the ILED team;
Collaborate with field office and national leadership to achieve the project’s overall impact and objectives;
Work closely with IJM’s Legal and Aftercare teams in carefully planning for and supporting law enforcement operations to rescue victims and arrest perpetrators, ensuring effective coordination among team leaders and government agencies;
Lead the ILED team to engage in the best investigative techniques, encouraging cohesive teamwork and stewardship of IJM resources;
Provide spiritual leadership to the ILED team by fostering relationships supportive of a healthy, Christian work environment and ensuring adequate staff care, especially in light of the distinctive work of investigations;
Develop leadership and professional potential of ILED team members, including through appropriate delegating, regular constructive feedback and an annual written performance evaluation; and
Serve as a member of the field office leadership team.

Ensure adequate staff care measures are employed;
Provide ILED team members clearly defined job descriptions and annual performance goals;
Ensure ILED team members comply with all IJM policies and protocols, as well as government and donor requirements;
Ensure ILED team members utilize the Casework Tracking Management System;
Develop and manage the ILED team budget, spending funds according to IJM’s budgetary and stewardship principles and guiding team members to do the same;
Recommend to field office leadership appropriate human resources decisions for ILED team members;
Increase the ILED team’s effectiveness, efficiency, and organization by developing, maintaining, and updating operating protocols and intervention strategies, as necessary;
Ensure that detailed records are maintained for all ILED fieldwork and interventions;
Maintain communication with field office leadership on the status of all rescue and arrest operations;
Work with other Field Office Leaders and the IJM HQ Security Dept. to help ensure Field Office safety and security; and
Provide the Programs Team necessary information for reporting ILED team activities to IJM headquarters.

Strategic Partnership Development
Develop and implement strategies to build law enforcement capacity to sustainably combat forced labor trafficking in Thailand and in the region;
Liaise with local and international law enforcement agencies to advocate for proper action on referrals;
Develop and maintain good working relationships with key law enforcement stakeholders, specialized law enforcement team leaders, government officials, NGOs and other relevant organizations;
Collaborate with and support government authorities during interventions to rescue victims and pursue proper arrest and charging of perpetrators;
Provide expert consultation, problem analysis, and monitor the improvement of law enforcement combating forced labor trafficking, including through After Action Reviews with police and other anti-trafficking government agencies.
Develop a thorough understanding of Thai and other relevant laws and criminal procedures regarding investigations, arrests, search and seizure, and the charging of trafficking suspects;
Provide expertise and assistance to Thai and international LEOs conducting investigations;
Train and advise LEOs on search, seizure, examination and preservation of evidence;
Develop and maintain investigative and operational best practices for LEOs and IJM personnel;
Assist LEOs in developing an effective, holistic wellness program for supervisors, investigators, and families of investigators involved in investigations;
Contribute to system reform strategies, implementation and monintoring and evaluation; and
Serve as witness in cases supported by IJM, as necessary and appropriate.

Participate in IJM’s spiritual formation, professional development, and staff care programs;
Update and use IJM’s Casework Tracking Management System and other data collection, monitoring and evaluation tools;
Host visits by IJM staff, guests, teams, and volunteers; and
Perform other related duties and tasks as assigned by the Field Office Director.


Required Skills and Experience
Minimum 10 years of experience in criminal investigations with a public law enforcement agency, international human rights agency, public international agency, private investigative or security firm, military or national security agency, including minimum 4-5 years of experience investigating cybercrimes;
Minimum 2 years of leadership and team-building experience;
Experience in conducting and supervising undercover operations;
Experience in establishing and developing operative networks;
Experience and understanding of human trafficking investigations as well as hands-on experience with evidence collection, acquisition, preservation, and forensics;
Familiar with global law enforcement networks that combat human trafficking;
Fluency in oral and written English, exceptional written and verbal communication (can make complex, technical concepts easy to understand);
Demonstrated interest in human rights and social justice;
Prior Peace Corps, relief, legal, law enforcement or other overseas work experience preferred; and
Strong leadership skills.

Critical Qualities
Mature orthodox Christian faith as defined by the Apostles’ Creed;
Strong service ethic and passion to help people suffering injustice;
Organized, detail-oriented, and disciplined with priorities;
Excellent interpersonal skills;
Patient, flexible, and persistent;
Unfailing integrity and honesty;
Effective team player and leader;
Works well under stress and minimal supervision;
Punctual, manages time and resources effectively;
Professional, diplomatic, and mature in judgment and demeanor;
Able to work effectively and appropriately in a cross-cultural setting;
Able to maintain confidentiality of sensitive information; and
Able to lead teams in developing creative solutions to complex problems.

Organization Information
Competitive salary, relocation, and benefits package;
Position based in Bangkok with significant travel throughout the country and the region; and
Position reports to the Field Office Director.