Oct 20, 2016

Unit Head, Security and Emergency Services

Employer: Asian Development Bank
Location:Asian Development Bank Headquarters
Reference Number 160795
Closing : October 26, 2016 

Job Purpose

Oversee the development and implementation of ADB’s overall safety, security and emergency response strategies, policies and programs. Work within a framework of broad policies, principles and goals, applying a high degree of autonomy in selection of work methods.

Expected Outcomes

Strategy and Policy Development

Oversee the development of effective strategies to mitigate risk, maintain continuity of operations, coordinate emergency response, and safeguard the people, facilities and interests of ADB.
Oversee the development and implementation of a long-term security and safety strategic framework for ADB Headquarters (HQ) and field offices (FOs).

Unit Operations Management

Manage the safety, security and emergency services staff in identifying, developing, implementing and maintaining policies and practices throughout ADB to mitigate safety and security risks, respond to incidents, and limit exposure and liability in all areas of information, financial, physical, personal and reputational risks.

Oversee the research and deployment of state-of-the-art technology solutions and innovative security management techniques to safeguard ADB’s facilities and assets; establish appropriate standards and associated risk mitigation measures and controls.

Oversee the development and sustainability of an effective security reporting and assessment capability designed to provide early warning alerts and timely security advisories/assessments to ADB senior Management, staff and dependents.

Develop and manage an effective safety and security awareness program.

Lead the implementation of HQ and field security operations and related activities, including operational resilience and crisis management, designed to protect ADB personnel and physical assets of HQ and FO facilities.

External Relationships

Oversee the development of an effective strategy and plan to sustain relationships and lead active engagement with governments, international organizations, embassies, and the private sector to promote ADB’s security interests.

Oversee ADB’s security agreement with the United Nations to ensure compliance and accountability in accordance with the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding.

Staff Supervision
Create and lead multi-disciplinary teams and ensure the overall quality of its work.
Supervise the performance of reporting staff, providing clear direction and regular monitoring and feedback on performance.

Provide coaching and mentoring to team and individuals and ensure their on-going learning and development.

Core Competencies

Application of Technical Knowledge and Skills

Provides supervision to others in completing their technical tasks
Called upon for advice and guidance based on expertise gained by working in different countries and organizations
Contributes advanced knowledge and expertise to different parts of the Department
Client Orientation

Proposes effective services and solutions to staff beyond presenting issues and past challenges
Assists colleagues adapt to the cultural and business norms of diverse clients and country situations
Gains respect for the breadth and depth of expertise demonstrated in effectively managing diverse clients and country situations
Called upon to resolve client situations that may impact their long-term ADB relationship
Achieving Results and Problem Solving

Resolves situations where client needs are not being met
Shares past experiences from different projects, organizations, and countries to help achieve quality results
Ensures that thorough analysis includes current and relevant factors from different countries and contexts
Sought out for guidance and experience in overcoming the most challenging situations
Draws on long-term relationships with stakeholders to help plan for and achieve results
Working Together

Addresses team members not contributing to required standards
Commits to delivering timely and high quality work to assist in the team’s success
Develops and maintains good internal and external peer and senior level relationships
Helps teams understand common features to build rapport and overcome challenges
Communication and Knowledge Sharing

Provides stakeholders with the level and quality of information required to achieve outcomes
Encourages others to seek long-term solutions to address feedback opposed to focusing on immediate concerns or reactions
Uses breath of multi-country and multi-client knowledge to equip clients and staff for more effective outcomes
Designs and implements project and program knowledge and services
Innovation and Change

Consistently seeks more effective and practical ways for the Departmental delivery of services, products, and processes
Proposes new ways to improve the quality and relevance of products and services
Includes the core benefits and reasons for change when developing comprehensive change roll out plans
Influences and persuades decision makers by presenting business cases supporting the proposed changes

Education Requirements

Master's Degree or equivalent in Public or Business Administration, Political Science, International Law or related fields. University degree in Public or Business Administration, Political Science, International Law or related fields combined with specialized experience in similar organization/s may be considered in lieu of a Master’s degree
Relevant Experience

Work experience

At least 12 years of relevant experience in a significant leadership role, in a private sector corporate security or in a related public sector organization

Experience working within the United Nations security system is desirable

International experience working in several countries

Technical Knowledge

Significant expertise within a specific area of ADB's operations (economic, sector or thematic), or breadth across multiple areas with in-depth knowledge within one area

Credible expert in field of expertise with recognized ability to lead projects and to share relevant knowledge to benefit the broader ADB community

People and Leadership Skills

Able to perform effectively as a mission leader or team lead, exercising supervision, coordination, and planning responsibilities over multi-disciplinary team/unit

Able to mentor team members, providing guidance and advice on project or technical-related matters

Able to coach team members to develop their capabilities/potential

Has potential for higher managerial responsibilities (for incumbents being considered for the Managerial career path) – able to think like a Director and demonstrate a high level of maturity

Able to act as an effective OIC of the Division when required

Excellent oral and written communication skills in English

Reporting Relationships

Supervisor: Principal Director, OAS
The following staff positions may be supervised by the incumbent:
Administrative Staff
National Staff
We encourage diversity in our workplace and support an inclusive work environment. Women are especially encouraged to apply.