Oct 9, 2016

Senior Advisor, Security Assistance - Afghanistan

Employer: SOS International, LLC
Location: Afghanistan

Job Description

**This position is contingent upon contract award** • Provides high-level detailed analysis, assessment, and advice to ANDSF officials and the Director of the Advice and Assist Cells (AAC) and his staff on all aspects related to security assistance as they relate to the continued development of the ASI and the ANDSF • Conducts comprehensive research into relevant FBI security assistance topic areas in order to identify existing shortfalls and gaps for the ANDSF in order to adjust, prioritize, and focus future security assistance efforts towards achieving ANDSF long-term sustainability • Ensures regular interface using level I and II advisory duties with foreign defense and government organizations • Provides written analysis on political, ethnic, religious and tribal dynamics affecting the continued development and sustainability of the ASI and ANDSF • Leads and/or participates in operational planning team (OPT) meetings and/or working groups focused on the continued development of the ASI and ANDSF • Travels on short notice to various locations in Afghanistan to meet mission requirements • Provides quick response advisory efforts in support of contingency planning and operations • Conducts follow- up on recommendations until shortfalls and gaps have been mitigated and ANDSF long-term sustainability has been achieved • Participates in after-action discussions and seminars, as required; Provide lessons learned to advisory personnel • Advises and mentor the ASI and/or ANDSF on the following
topics: • Develops self-sustaining strategic assessments in order to help establish and refine ANDSF priorities towards building long-term sustainability in both the Army and various policing organizations • Staff planning process (Military Decision Making Process – MDMP); in particular, on how to inculcate a self-sustaining capability to conduct Mission Analysis, and to develop and analyze courses of action (COA) in order to enable effective operational planning. • Doctrine development and integration into current and future operations

Minimum Requirements

• Education, Master’s degree or better in a strategic analysis or security assistance-related field (security studies, conflict studies, international relations, management, operations research, terrorism studies, et. al.) • Excellent written and verbal communication skills • Interpersonal communication, influence and interaction skills that are effective in a complex strategic environment • Extensive operational and cultural experience working in joint military-interagency counterterrorism / counterinsurgency campaigns in an analysis, assessment, or planning capacity • Shall have held positions equivalent to or higher than brigade-level staff officer and have conducted extensive and high-level outreach and liaison within the national security and intelligence communities • Shall have at least six months of experience within the last four years serving or working with the international coalition in Afghanistan • Must be prepared to operate in physically austere conditions as the mission may require. • Extensive cultural knowledge and expertise relating to Afghanistan and surrounding countries • Experience interfacing with foreign defense and government organizations, particularly the Afghan MoD, MoI, and National Directorate of Security (NDS) • Possess a final (not interim) DoD SECRET Level Security Clearance before deployment and maintain that clearance; AND be TS/SCI eligible
Additional Information

Work Environment: • Living and working conditions at the assignment location could be remote and uncomfortable. • Long hours, exposure to weather and hazardous conditions • Personnel should be aware of moving on short notice and under adverse conditions • Be able to travel between work sites with little or no notice