Oct 24, 2016

Security Manager

Empployer: Emirates National Oil Company Ltd
Location: Middle East
Job Purpose
To support in the establishment and oversight of the Group’s Security function in a senior (SME) seasoned advisory capacity. This is with the key purpose to help in providing clear visibility on various security risk exposures and the best practices in modern security management within the whole ENOC Group. To develop and implement a Security Management Framework in line with globally accepted best practices that clearly provides guidelines on Security Governance Structure and Risk Management Elements i.e. guidelines on how to identify, assess, quantify, manage and mitigate, review and report security risks. To accurately and timely report security risks to top management thereby facilitating good corporate governance practices.

To facilitate the development, implementation and periodic review and maintenance of ENOC’s Security Management Framework across all lines of ENOC businesses, corporate departments and support functions. To develop, embed, test and improve all associated objectives, strategies, and other Security Related Policy matters in accordance with industry/global best practices (i.e., ISPS ect.) and the national and federal security requirements for all ENOC installations. Responsible for providing guidance to the Business and Leadership on security management, performance and effectiveness of the Program and any associated corrective actions required.

Detailed Description
Principal Accountabilities

Ensures facilities, high value assets, vehicles, inventory, documents and other ENOC assets are well protected. Management of contract security services is performed efficiently by anticipating and resolving problems. Monitoring of, and recommendations for the continued improvement of contracted security vendors; databases are well managed and current; security personnel are trained, provided with security equipment, and have complete knowledge of security procedures.  The incumbent therefore:


Advises the Sr. Manager / Director on the organizational security procedures in line with the security policies established by the Group;
Audits, inspects and undertakes any other compliance and governance activity to ensure the safety and security of the ENOC assets and business unit operations;
Advises with respect to communications with all the relevant Government and semi Government organizations on Security matters;
Reviews the countrywide security situation on a daily basis; compiling and formulating factual information; providing preliminary analysis as required;
Advises the Sr. Manager / Director on matters of Procurement, oversight and provision of personal security details for ENOC VIPs globally, where required.
Audits and gives professional advice and assessment of the Security Emergency Response Plans, and effective implementation of these arrangements and plans for all Group facilities and companies.
Develops and implements contextually relevant Minimum Operational Security Standards (MOSS) for equipment and documentation; auditing against the MOSS, and ensuring that all ENOC facilities are compliant globally.
Advises the Sr. Manager / Director on the Governance and directing of policies and practices for the security services of contract and directly employed guards, ensuring continuous coverage of security posts at all times, where relevant.
Periodically audits the compliance performance of contracted security vendors, ensuring they are carrying out periodic checks to ensure contract compliance and compliance with policies, practices and standards established for the Group.
Advises the Sr. Manager / Director through reviewing the contractual duties to contract and ENOC security personnel.
Review the performance of security services, including the use of equipment and operation of alarms and video surveillance systems, if installed;
Responds to security enquiries, giving guidance, best practice and expertise, providing appropriate information to all levels of the business where required.
Advises the Sr. Manager / Director on matters of Oversight and compliance assurance of the provision of facility access badge procedures; guidance on preparation for arrivals of groups and/or VIP guests to ENOC facilities;
Part of the competent investigation team that investigates all incidents that involve a serious/major breach of security procedures, injuries, thefts which relate to corporate security risk(s) and any other areas of responsibility.
Under direction of the Sr. Manager / Director Security and Risk Management, generally interface and influence senior business leaders, contractors and all stakeholders. 
Minimum Requirements (Knowledge, Skills and Experience)


·        Graduate from the military/police academy or otherwise a university education highly preferred with some Armed forces and security management Training highly desirable.

·         Background directly related in security (military, police, etc.) with relatively strong political and social understanding of the country. Training and/or practical experience in maintaining electronic security databases, using standard computer applications and operation of automated alarm and video surveillance systems. Business Resilience, Continuity Qualification would be an added advantage.



10-12 years in Security and preferably the Oil & Gas. Further, experience in security agencies and the armed forces are additional.

·         Languages: Arabic and French Highly desirable – English is necessary.