Oct 20, 2016

Security Asst. Training Team Chief

Employer: American Systems
Location:Beirut, Lebanon

Job Description
AMERICAN SYSTEMS is seeking a former US Army or USMC senior field grade officer (O6 and above) to serve as the Site Manager for the Lebanon Comprehensive Training Program (CTP).The Lebanon CTP provides the Lebanon Armed Forces with an assortment of Mobile Training Teams to train their Army, Navy and Air Force units. As the Site Manager, the successful candidate will be responsible for the management of these teams and also serving as an advisor to senior LAF officers.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Serve as the point of contact between AMERICAN SYSTEMS and the US Security Cooperation Organization at the American Embassy and the host nation (Foreign Purchaser) military leadership
Serve as Site Manager for AMERICAN SYSTEMS in-country project office

 Supervise all personnel assigned to the training team
 Responsible for the in-country financial and operational management of the project
 Provide advice to host nation senior military leaders with regard to development of military training programs and training resource management
 Establish and enforce personnel force protection and security measures commensurate with the threat
 Responsible for all contract deliverables to include monthly and quarterly reports
This Security Assistance Training Team is being provided to the Lebanese Armed Forces in support of increasing the Lebanese Armed Forces operational readiness. This training team is being provided as part of a Security Assistance Training Program that directly supports US Foreign Policy and the execution of Department of Defense Security Cooperation Plans and Programs. This is the eighth year of a multi-year US Assistance program.

For over 14 years, AMERICAN SYSTEMS has supported the delivery of training services to foreign military personnel and units in support of US foreign assistance programs. We offer a very competitive compensation and benefit package and there are no upfront out of pocket expenses for persons hired. All travel and transportation arrangements will be made and paid for by AMERICAN SYSTEMS. Living expenses are paid by AMERICAN SYSTEMS with all employees living in western-style secure accommodations. Individual hired will be a full-time salaried employee of AMERICAN SYSTEMS. There is no requirement/authorization to carry firearms.


Job Requirements
Required Background / Experience Requirements:

Former brigade level commander or a comparable level of military responsibility
Six months experience within the last five years in a military capacity in a predominantly Arab nation
Graduate of a senior service military college
Proven record of successful performance as a US Army/USMC brigade/regimental level commander
Prior experience advising foreign senior level military commanders in a predominantly Arab country
Prior experience working in the Middle East as a military advisor
Prior experience conducting cross-cultural communications and delivering training/instruction with the use of an interpreter
Prior experience as a military instructor in the related skill is highly desired
Prior experience developing military instructional material
Prior experience working with and training foreign military personnel is highly desired
Prior experience working with foreign military personnel in the region is highly desired

Other Requirements

Physically fit with ability to present a professional military appearance and bearing
C-JTSCC 952.225-0009 Medical Screening And Vaccination Requirements For Contractor Employees Operating In The CENTCOM Area Of Responsibility (AOR)(Aug 2011)
Ability to present proof of recent negative HIV test. (Although the country where work will be performed does not require any specific immunizations, candidate should have current immunizations as listed on the US State Department and CDC’s websites for travel t o Middle Eastern countries.)
Must possess a current US Tourist Passport (with no Israeli stamps). (Passport must not expire within 12-months of being hired.)
Candidate must be drug-free with ability to successfully pass drug screening test
Ability to pass a comprehensive background check
Ability to effectively conduct cross-cultural communications and deliver training/instruction with the use of an interpreter

EOE M/F/Disability/Veterans

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