Oct 6, 2016

Security Analysis Consultant

Location: Lebanon
Closing date: 31 Oct 2016

Position Summary
Under the supervision of the Program Director, based in Beirut, the Security Analysis Consultant will be responsible for training and mentoring a national staff member to lead RI's efforts in understanding the security situation through regular follow up on media sources of developments as well as through coordination with partners and external stakeholders as necessary. The Security Analysis Consultant will work closely with the national Security Analysis Officer to put systems in place and mentor the Security analysis Officer to be able to provide understanding of trends and have the ability to predict new outcomes and advise implementation teams to ensure RI remains flexible to changes on the ground in relation to the ever-changing security situation. The position will be for a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 6 months based on the skills acquisition of the Security analysis Officer. By the end of the consultancy assignment, the Security analysis Officer should be able to work independently, within the structure of the program team under the direct management of the Program Director.

ESSENTIAL RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES The Consultant will be responsible to mentor and train the Security analysis Officer to be able to do the following by the end of the consultancy period:
Develop a database of sources for regular updates on the security environment, including political and other social developments.
Provide daily reports on the security situation in the areas of implementation to the Program Director and other relevant staff as requested.
Provide weekly reports on the highlights of the security developments, including contribution to weekly reporting requirements at regional and donor levels.
Provide monthly analysis on security developments and projected new outcomes according to evolving developments, presenting contingency strategies based on scenario planning analysis.
Develop and maintain database for security incidents in project areas.
Ensure all the project information is safe, secure and easily accessible.
Contribute to quarterly and final reports to donors as requested, specifically related to security analyses.
Contribute to proposal development as requested, specifically related to security analyses.
Liaise with partners on security developments as necessary, and provide support to facilitate their ability to respond to incidents as relevant.
Participate in external multi-lateral and bi-lateral coordination meetings as requested by Program Director.

Qualifications & Requirements:
* BA degree in relevant field, and 5+ years relevant working experience * Background and work experience related to security analysis, humanitarian access, etc. * This position demands an individual with demonstrated initiative to achieve results and contribute to a small but dynamic team. * Experience in research, and data collection from third sources * Excellent organizational skills * Ability to meet strict deadlines * Experience in humanitarian/ emergency contexts * Strong English language writing skills, and complete fluency in Arabic required * Excellent communication skills, for internal and external stakeholders * Strong negotiation and interpersonal skills, and flexibility in cultural and organizational terms * Ability to remain flexible and responsive to changing/ quickly evolving situations in emergency contexts * Strong writing abilities and analytical skills * Ability to work well and punctually under pressure

How To Apply:
To be considered for this recruitment, please submit a cover letter, resume, salary history, 3 professional supervisory references (whom we may contact after a second interview) with the date of availability to xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxx.org

Email available to paid-up Members ONLY.