Oct 25, 2016

Security Advisor Talent Pool - Middle East

Empployer: Norwegian Refugee Council
Location: Middle East
Closing date: 13 Nov 2016

We are now opening a call for resumes to create a talent pool for Security professionals interested in the Middle East Region!

If you would like to be considered for our Middle East Region’s talent pool, we welcome your application.

Purpose of the Talent Pool

As an organization NRC is committed to recruiting the right people at the right time and place. To help meet this goal, we are seeking experienced technical experts with a background in humanitarian aid to join us by becoming a part of our talent pool. The talent pools were created as a way to engage and maintain relationships with high-potential, qualified professionals who are motivated to be part of our team!

All applications will be reviewed and, based on your background and experience, one of our recruiters may contact you for a pre-screening interview. If your skills are a good fit then your profile will be added to our talent pool and we may reach out periodically to explore your interest in new positions that open within NRC.

We also encourage you to visit NRC’s job site where new openings are added regularly.

Position overview:

NRC's programmes support refugee and IDP women and men in 20 conflict-affected countries. Our professional security teams contribute towards, promote and implement our global security strategy, in addition to proactively providing advice, support, instruction and training to staff across the region. At the forefront of the security function is to ensure the safe delivery of our programmes in some of the worlds most challenging environments.

For these key roles our ideal candidates are:

University Graduates in a relevant discipline (Security, Risk & Crisis Management or similar), seasoned professionals with analytical minds, who can gather information from strong networks they build and maintain. Individuals with significant political and cultural awareness and experience working in settings where insecurity is a major issue. Additionally, we are looking for professionals with proven experience liaising with civilian and military government authorities as well as with regional, national and international institutions. Demonstrated leaders with strong management skills, it is vital that the incumbent is familiar with the context in the Middle East.

In these positions you can join highly motivated and expert staff who are making a difference to the region’s most vulnerable people. In addition to strong technical abilities, we are looking for a passionate, positive, individuals with strong communication skills, who can foster trust and collaboration within NRC and across our beneficiaries.

Key Job Tasks and Responsibilities:

Responsible for the design and implementation of the NRC Security Managment System and assist Country Directors in strategic analysis of politico-military information.

Contribute to the fulfilment of the aims and objectives for NRC presence in country.

Advise the CD in implementation of mitigating security measures

Conduct Security Risks Assessments (SRA) according to minimum operational requirements (MOSS) outlined in the NRC security instructions, or as situations require, and as a result enforce to minimize the risk to the operation of NRC.

Together with the Country Director ensure NRC operations in country are MOSS compliant

Please take note:

NRC may be required to verify the identity of its partners and to check that they have not been involved in illegal activities. NRC reserves the right to use electronic screening tools for this purpose.

These posts are often located in non-family duty stations.

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