Oct 20, 2016

Regional Security Manager , East Africa

Location: Nairobi/Kampala A work permit is required for both countries
Salary range: £38,000 - £45,000 gross per year + benefits
Leave entitlement: 28 days per year
Hours: The standard working week is 37.5 hours; in addition to these working hours, this position is expected to
be on call and available at all times to respond to incidents and emergencies.
Probation: 3 months

Job Purpose:
Support the Africa country teams and programmes to provide a safe and secure working environment and
mitigation of security threats.
Monitor, coordinate and advise on the regional security context and the long-term implementation of
security strategy and management including conflict and risk analysis.
Oversee security assessments and development of security systems for new programme locations and

Take the lead in supporting the design and use of key documents, tools and procedures for ensuring
security management and compliance.
Strengthen senior management’s understanding of risks and safety within the context of operation and the
evolving environments. This includes producing analyses of field findings with an emphasis on areas with
programmatic and operational implications.
Raise Saferworld staff awareness about safety and security, and ensure that Saferworld takes all
necessary steps to minimise risks and mitigate the impact of safety and security events.

Strategic development:
 Conduct security assessments for each regional country programme. Determine and assess the specific
threats to Saferworld staff, programmes and assets.
 Conduct security assessments for new areas of engagement within the region.
 Identify systems, procedures and resources to mitigate risk to acceptable levels.
 Develop and monitor a prioritised implementation plan of recommended risk mitigation measures.
 Ensure mechanisms are in place to enable security costs are included in all project proposals.
 Provide input into country annual plans regarding security context and risk mitigation. Assist Saferworld
management in drawing up annual security budgets.
 Ensure that proposals and other programme documents are sensitive to the relevant security context and
challenges and that sufficient budgetary resources are devoted to security.
 Review and provide technical input into all programme development documents.
Security management:
 Provide technical support to Country Managers and Country Directors on security management decisions
and processes, including supporting security threat assessments and risk reduction.
 Advise on mainstreaming security in project planning, budgeting, implementation, monitoring and
 Ensure that appropriate security systems and procedures are in place and fully operational in all locations
in the region where Saferworld works.
 Liaise with Saferworld’s national security staff and other security providers to ensure relevant information
updates are provided to the relevant staff.
 Attend relevant security briefings and meetings and share with Saferworld management any relevant
 Liaise with relevant security providers (NSP, INSO, etc.) on behalf of Saferworld and ensure
information/updates/alerts are provided to the relevant staff.
 Develop and review travel protocols to high risk areas as well as tracking tools and advise Saferworld
 Review travel requests to high risk areas and provide security advice to Saferworld staff and management.
 Assess all current, new or proposed Saferworld office sites to ensure minimum security standards are
established and met.
 Support the procurement committee on procurement of security related items and services, (i.e. taxi and
transportation, approved accommodation, radios, etc.)
 Act as focal point for investigations involving security; prepare reports and note follow up action.
Crisis management:
 Ensure crisis management plans are in place in each location. Support national security officers and
security focal points in implementing these plans.
 Be on call on a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week basis in case of emergencies.
 Act as Incident Manager during any incidents and emergencies.
o Serve as main focal point and liaison dealing with incidents
o Oversee post-incident reviews and lessons learnt.
 Report any significant security incidents to senior management; undertake a full investigation, and
recommend a course of action in consultation with the management team.
 Manage security incidents, working with national security officers, management and involved staff.
 Undertake the security lead role on Crisis Management Teams.
 Ensure all country contingency plans are relevant and kept up to date.

 Ensure the appropriate level of training is provided and logged and reviews of security knowledge/capacity
are conducted for all national security officers and security focal point staff.
 Maintain up-to-date training plans for all security staff.
 Provide training to Saferworld staff based on security plans and relevant contextual issues.
 Ensure security briefings for visitors to the region take place
 Develop relevant security training and implementation plans.
 Be a mentor and capacity builder for security team members in each country and location to ensure
security remains a key priority in all programming considerations.

Harmonization and streamlining of regional security protocols:
 Integrate security protocols, plans and templates into a regional structure
 Develop and harmonize safety and security related protocols in terms of format and structure
 Revise and upgrade protocols as needed based on experience in the field and changing context.

Recruitment and induction of security staff:
 Work with country managers to design JDs/TORs for new security positions.
 Participate in recruitment/interview panels for security positions.
 Provide induction and briefings for new security staff.

Person Specification:
 Significant and proven experience of managing and advising on security and safety matters within
development/humanitarian INGOs or the donor community within Saferworld’s areas of operation in Africa.
 Recognised security management qualifications and sound knowledge of security best practice.
 Excellent understanding of the security contexts in the areas where Saferworld engages in Africa, and
Saferworld’s programmatic approach and potential security risks associated with this work.
 An established network in the security environment where Saferworld works.
 Strong management and leadership skills together with excellent communication, influencing negotiating
and engagement skills.
 Sound judgement and decision making skills, with a ‘hands on’, problem solving approach, able to remain
calm under pressure and take control of incidents.
 Proven training and mentoring experience.
 Experience of writing procedures, drafting reports and preparing business cases.
 Experience of handling information and data in the field of security management and risk assessment.
 IT skills and an understanding of electronic security systems.
 Excellent knowledge of English, written and spoken.
 Ability to travel widely and frequently within region.

How To Apply:
To apply: Please complete the Application Form (a copy of which can be found at
www) detailing how you meet the selection criteria and send it to:

Deadline for applications: 6 November 2016

Please note that only electronic applications will be considered and only shortlisted candidates will be contacted