Oct 3, 2016

Regional Security Advisor , Panama

Location: Panamá

Please note that this is a permanent position that will be based in Panama or in any of Plan offices in the Region of Americas, under a local contract following the country labor law. This vacancy is also announced externally. A full job description is attached.

About the Role 

The Regional Security Advisor will oversee, contribute towards, promote and implement the global security strategy, policies and guidelines in conjunction with (and in consideration of) Plan’s Global Security Policy, Security Standards and Security Plans for all the Region’s Offices and other designated entities (includes RO, COs, NOs and FCNO). The Regional Security Advisor proactively provides advice, support, instruction and training to all Plan offices in the region on security issues and is the technical supervisor of all security appointments within the region.

Dimensions of Role: 
Provides regular objective contextual and compliance reports and other security intelligence to the senior regional management
Manages the regional budget for security operations/program assistance to countries within the region in collaboration with other Plan regional colleagues.

Mentors and builds capacity of all full time country security appointments and all country Security Focal Points (SFPs) throughout the region directly/through their line managers/Country Directors (CDs).
Ensures efficient communication lines are established and maintained between all country security appointments and/or CDs, especially in emergency situations.
·Supports the Identification of and the mitigation of potential Security risks to staff, assets and operational/program security.

·Monitors & supports Country Offices compliance with global and/or regional security, policy, procedures and guidelines.

·Provides analysis of security related issues and data and their implications to Plan Regionally.
Effectively represents Plan Regionally on matters relating to Security and assists countries to develop effective security networks & responses relevant to their context.
Responsible for rolling out any global security initiatives or standards within the region and to be an effective liaison point for the global Head of Security and other Regional Security Advisers.
Carry out security assessments prior to Plan opening operations in a new country in the region.
Supervisory responsibilities:
Is the technical supervisor of all security appointments, including emergency roster security deployments within the region and provides consistent guidance based on current security policy and procedures to ensure uniformity of practice across all countries
Oversee the maintenance and development of the regional security intranet security workspace and ensure regular current data is available for upload to PlaNET
Maintain records of security-related training programmes across the region to ensure and oversee regional staff security training needs are being planned for and achieved
Provides security advice and support to National Offices & other Plan entities within the regions geographical longitudinal segments

Key End Results and Typical Responsibilities:
Regional Context Analysis (and early warning):
- Provide contextual analysis of localised and regional security situations and incidents along with appropriate advice to regional and country management based on credible information.
- Understand the salient issues for the country teams within the region and update both country and regional management, as the contexts dictate, as part of a regional early warning system.
Liaison and Networking:
- Monitor and provide support/reporting on government/UN/NGO field security initiatives as required.
- Identify, create and maintain a security network with INGO/UN and other security specialists in the region and assist countries to do the same.
- In consultation with the global Head of Security, liaise with other NGOs, the UN, government departments, donors and others in regard to security.
-Participate in the Region’s E-ROMT and liaise with operations team to provide feedback appropriate to the the Region’s security needs

· Security Management Planning:
- Assure that each country has at least basic and current MOSS and support the development and maintenance of comprehensive Country Security Plans and that each is reviewed at least once every 12 months.
- Follow International Headquarters (IH) security management planning guidance for field security plans to assure thoroughness and consistency throughout Plan structures.
- Provide written feedback to all Plan offices/entities as they develop and/or revise their security procedures.
- Request and ensure appropriate revisions when there is a significant change in the security environment either nationally, regionally or globally.

- Assist the Regional Administrator to manage the regional Security Risk Register and follow up on the implementation of required actions to mitigate any risks.

· Security Risk Assessments:
- Oversee and or conduct and validate field security risk assessments, directly or through CO Security appointments, examining Plan’s procedures, resources, assets, compounds, international residences, field sites and projects and submit mitigation recommendations as appropriate.

- When approved, monitor the implementation of same.
Security Orientation & Training:
-Monitor compliance related to all MOSS requirements related to staff/visitor/contractors travel and security briefings

-Monitor procedures are in place at CO level to assure that each new employee – international and/or national – receives a Security briefing including personal security and reference to relevant MOSS.

-Develop external professional accreditation for full-time Security personnel within the region.

-Develop directly, and help countries to produce/procure, security training and briefing tools to ensure compliance with Plan MOSS and the maintenance of security best practices.

-Host and physically deliver a security training programme once annually (principally training in Plan’s security policy, procedures & risk assessment processes) that has the potential to reach the maximum number of national and international staff across the region.

-Working closely with HR oversee the development of records of staff security training and liaising with CO teams to ensure adequate planning and provision is made to meet this MOSS requirement reporting at/and international at least quarterly on said training to regional and global management.

-Assist country/national offices in arranging security training workshops.

-Monitor training is up-to-date in ‘Hot Spot’ countries and countries with fluctuating security phase levels

-Co-host with at least one other Plan regional security colleague to provide security training in their region, preferably on a quid pro quo basis.
Advisory & Monitoring Services:
- Act as lead and monitor/be consulted/included in all communications from the region related to security incidents and planning.
- Provide timely feedback to questions raised from the field/any country and develop/maintain a database of security incidents with the active assistance of country security appointments/management.
- Make regular visits annually (or as needed) to all countries in the region to monitor security preparedness and field training. Provide a follow-up report with clear recommendations after each visit.
- Generate activity reports on security, including database analyses, new threats, responses and vulnerabilities and any relevant lessons learned from security and safety incidents.

Provide timely, concise and clearly articulated quarterly security management compliance reports to RO & IH senior management
Contingency Planning and Crisis Management:
- Provide security input into developing contingency plan for RO
- As required, respond to, support and advise the Regional Director (RD) and CDs during security/safety or humanitarian emergencies, serving on a Senior Management Crisis Team.

Physical Environment and Demands:

The employee will be based in the Regional Office in a typical office environment with frequent travels within the region and globally including visits to rural communities. Willingness to travel at short notice with limited possessions, to be deployed during emergencies and/or stay and work in difficult areas (including insecure or violent environments and/or with limited access to basic facilities etc.) as required.

Plan policies and procedures always ensure the welfare of children comes first.

How To Apply:
Send your CV To:  xxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxx.org

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