Oct 17, 2016

QA/QC Officer UNMAS , Iraq

Employer: Olive Group
Location: Middle East
Salary: $481.51 per day whilst in country
Deadline: 28 Oct 2016
Reference: 970

Job Description

Minimal Risk on behalf of Olive Group are seeking personnel who have experience within EOD and QA fields, to work in Iraq and Erbil.

The details of the requirement are shown below:

Project context & objectives

• Iraq has witnessed tremendous violence involving Iraqi Security Forces (ISF), Kurdish Security Forces (KSF), various militia groups such as the Popular Militia Groups” (PMGs) and the “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” (ISIS). Indiscriminate attacks by all sides of the conflict have resulted in thousands of civilian casualties and unprecedented movement of the civilian population.
• Additionally, widespread use of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) by combatant groups is evident. Mine Action (MA) organisations, including National Authority (NA) Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and IED Defeat (IEDD) teams, supported by non-government organisations (NGOs) and contracted national and international teams, are at present at work to clear reoccupied areas of ERW including remnant IEDs.
• UNMAS has the responsibility of managing, coordinating, facilitating and providing Quality Management Services, including Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) for all MA related operations and to provide QMS advice to all MA contractors and MA agencies operating within the Area of Responsibility (AOR), namely the Whole of Iraq (WOI).

Role objectives
• Under the direct supervision of the Chief of Operations (COO), the Operations/QA Officer will be specifically responsible for the following duties and responsibilities:


• Liaison with all MA actors including local authorities, commercial contractors, OCHA CiMIC, NGO’s and other UN agencies to ensure full cooperation in matters of QMS.
• Oversee and coordinate implementation, execution and completion of all MA related QMS within the Office AOR.
• Ensure close and effective inter-action and co-ordination of the integral aspects of mine action, such as QA/ QC, EOD/IEDD clearance ops and Mine Risk Education.
• Organize regular coordination meetings with stake holders at regional level regarding matters of QMS.
• Support UN agencies during field mission when required. Iraq is a very dynamic UN mission; UN agencies are requesting UNMAS support during field visits and provide advice and recommendations while in the field. The QA/QC officer shall expect to be deployed at least twice a week.

Planning and tasking

• Conduct Quality Control – Confirmatory clearance on clearance tasks carried out by Iraqi Forces or MA agencies operating in Iraq as part as Humanitarian Response as per the standards developed and applied in the specific context of Iraq.
• Coordinate, facilitate and prioritize all QA/ QC visits for operational resources operating in the Office AOR.
• Produce and maintain weekly and monthly work plans QA/QC priorities for the resources operating in the AOR. Produce such plans in consultation and agreement with all operators in Regional AOR and ensure their practicality.
• Follow up on QA/QC visits and make necessary changes when and where applies.
• Monitor and analyze the existing level of MA capacities within the Office AOR and make recommendations with regards to the reduction or increase of future capacities.
• Provide advice to the CoO on requirements for different tools and assets that can play significant role in improvement of performance and productivity of MA resources on the ground.

Quality Management:

• Ensure the implementation of national QA/QC management system in the Office AOR and ensure that the system is being applied in a fair and equitable manner sure that MA organizations’ Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are in compliance with the International Mine Action Standards (IMAS), SOP’s and are conducting safe and effective Mine Action operations.
• Conduct routine QA on’ operations and debrief the organizations on QA assessments and ensure that all QA assessment data is recorded and captured within the Information Management System for Mine Action (IMSMA) and ensure that required corrective action has taken place.
• Responsible for all aspects of sampling and post clearance operations/post impact assessments to be carried out in the AOR, as and when required, and ensure that cleared land is formally handed over to the end user/local authorities.
• Provide advice, support and assistance in the development, maintenance, revision and updating of national Standard Working Procedures and SOPs.
• When required, act as the Investigating Officer for Detailed Independent Investigations or Boards of Inquiry for Mine/UXO Accidents, or Incidents, within the Office AOR.
• Assist the NMAA Quality Management Officer in overall MA organizations accreditation process, and specifically assist in establishing and maintaining areas for accreditation of IEDD teams and other EOD assets in the region.
• Provide guidance on any specific corrective actions to be taken by demining organizations, following an inspection, which finds a critical non-conformity.
• Ensure proper maintaining of all QM related documentation and documents for all inspected land.

Expected output

• Produce QC Confirmatory Clearance reports
• Produce QA, end of mission and end of month reports
• Produce SOPs
• Conduct field explosive hazard contamination operation and produce reports

Project reporting

• Monitor and analyze QA/QC documentation on a weekly and monthly basis to ensure that MA partners’ QMS information are in compliance with their contractual obligations.
• Ensure the timely and qualitative capture of MA organisations’ QMS activity and ensure dissemination of such data to the MA stakeholders conducting operations in the Office AOR.
• Monitor daily reports received from the organizations operating in the Office AOR and provide feedback and comments to the COO as needed/requested.

Key competencies

• Planning & Organizing - Ability to manage, organize, plan and implement work assignments, juggle competing demands and work under pressure of frequent and tight deadlines.
• Judgment - Demonstrated ability to apply good judgment and decision making skills.
• Teamwork - Strong interpersonal skills and ability to establish and maintain effective partnerships and working relations with people in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity.
• Communications - Strong spoken and written communication skills.
• Problem solving –Strong analytical and problem solving skills and ability to handle a range of management, coordination and technical issues.

Other considerations

• Personnel must be able to operate for long hours in hot climatic condition wearing PPE
• Commitment to Continuous Learning - Willingness to keep abreast of new developments in the field of mine action techniques and technologies.
• High level of Professionalism


Rotations TBC
Daily rate paid only whilst in country $481.51

EOD Qualified - Essential
IEDD Qualified - Essential
Ammunition Technical Officer (ATO) - Desirable

Other qualifications

First Aid - Essential
Experience in an UN mine action operational environment - Essential
Thorough knowledge of IMAS and ISO, demining SOPs, technical and international humanitarian safety standards and procedures including the use of mine detection dogs and mechanical demining systems - Essential
Experience of EOD/IEDD clearance ops - Essential
Emergency Trauma Bag (ETB) - Desirable
Experience in Peacekeeping Operations - Desirable
Knowledge of the UN mine action policy and strategy and the Gender Guidelines for Mine Action Programmes - Desirable

Years’ experience

5 years of IED - Essential
5 years of EOD - Essential

Hot Climate experience in Iraq or Middle East - Desirable


Fluency in English - Essential
Arabic - Desirable