Oct 8, 2016

PSO Soldier Skills Trainer , Africa

Employer: OT Training Solutions
Location:  Africa

This position is the OCONUS PSO soldier skills trainer (PSOSST) for all Africa contingency operations, training and assistance program activities.  THIS POSITION REQUIRES UN MILITARY EXPERIENCE, A PASSPORT FOR TRAVEL. PREFER INDIVIDUALS WHO SPEAK AND READ FRENCH with fluency TO PARTICIPATE IN MOST FORMAL AND INFORMAL CONVERSATIONS.  See job posting for details.

Required Hours: 40 per week

The Peace Support Operations (PSO) Soldier Skills Trainer (PSOSST) is responsible for providing Peacekeeping Operations (PKO) soldier skills instruction to African military units receiving U.S. Department of State’s African Contingency Operations Training Assistance (ACOTA) Program training. Soldier Skills Trainers will instruct and supervise PKO soldier skills training in African for African company grade officers and their soldiers who shall deploy to PKOs. Soldier Skills Training shall include BRM, CQM, Movement formations and
techniques, Infantry squad and platoon battle drills, route clearance & Convoy operations, CQM/CQB, C-IED, Recon, Checkpoint operations, crowd control, and cordon and search. Trainers will also instruct African soldiers in human rights (to include gender respect, elimination of sexual exploitation and child protection), individual health maintenance, individual first aid, HIV/AIDS prevention, and an orientation in United Nations peacekeeping operations all in the context of the tactical PSO environ. PSO Soldier Skills Trainers will assist in the development of POIs, lesson plans, and training support packages for individual and collective training as noted in each ACOTA Program Office (APO) task order and as directed by the program manager. Trainers are required to know and/or review the US Army doctrine, United Nations, and Host Nation guidance applicable to the task for which they are responsible to instruct.

Required Qualifications:

Minimum of ten (10) years of U.S. military operations and training experience in a Combat Arms Specialty.

PSO Skills Trainer shall have a relevant blend of military skills, experience, and knowledge that will allow that individual to best support specific task order objectives and goals and tasks of the ACOTA Program.

PSO Soldier Skills Trainers shall be subject matter experts in at least one Combat Arms U.S. Military Occupational Specialty, Branch, or Functional Area.

Preferred Qualifications:

Individual with recent U.S. Military combat and/or PKO experience at E-5 thru O-3 level.

Directly related experience in OCONUS overseas program operations focused on training local national military personnel and units.

Recent OIF/OEF experiences.

Experience with either U.S. State Department, United Nations (UN) Chapter Seven Operations, or Africa Union (AU) highly preferred.

Experience with Africa peace support operations is highly preferred and should include current experience with the ACOTA Program.

Former Special Forces A Team or Combat Arms Non-Commissioned Officer or Warrant Officer who is familiar with standard military training concepts, practices, and procedures.

French language ability – speak the language with sufficient structural accuracy and vocabulary to participate effectively in most formal and informal conversations on practical, social and professional topics, able to read standard newspaper items addressed to the general reader, routine correspondence, reports and technical materials in the individual’s special field.

Location: OCONUS, Various

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