Oct 2, 2016

Protective Security Specialist/Senior Guard Supervisor(PSS/SGS)

Employer: Triple Canopy
Location: Basra Iraq

How much Travel?  Road Warrior

Job Description
The PSS/SGS is required to attend the PSS training course
The PSS/SGS shall obtain weapons qualification as outlined in the contract, with the Glock, M4, Shotgun, M240, M249 and M203 and familiarization fire for the AK47
The PSS/SGS vetted personnel are authorized to permanently fill the Labor Categories of the guard or the PSS.
Supervise small groups or assume position requiring greater responsibility.
Perform static security patrols and oversight
Perform the day-to-day static security functions as specified in daily post and detail orders
Operate vehicles when required
Operate weapons as specified in daily post and detail orders
Maintain protective formations during movement on foot
Manning security posts at principal residences or command posts, as required
Responsible for contract deliverables pertaining to the LGF details, including schedules, status reports, and operations summaries
Will work with the DL/GFC and the DDL/GS to coordinate and interact professionally with the applicable government operational security and contract monitors
Provide individual performance reporting and evaluation

Job Requirements

U.S. Citizen, as specified in the Task Order
Possess a valid US Tourist Passport
Possess a valid driver’s license
Level 3 English proficiency (see Exhibit A).
Completed or served at least three (3) years in the military, law enforcement, or protection security from the private sector.
Two (2) years must have been in protective security assignments.
Experience can be gained in the employ of any Federal, State, Local or commercial entities providing high threat protective services that require similar skills.
Approval for this position authorizes the candidate to fill the following positions if needed and at the discretion of the Project Manager: Protective Security Specialist (PSS)

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