Oct 25, 2016

Mission Coordinator - ScanEagle

Employer: VT Group
Location: USA/Overseas
Clearance Required: Top Secret

VT Group is seeking a Mission Coordinator to deploy to Afghanistan. Candidate may be located anywhere within the U.S.

The Mission Coordinator position reports directly to the FSR Manager. The Mission Coordinator provides oversight of daily ScanEagle operational missions and is imbedded with forward-deployed military forces in various overseas locations. This position performs a critical liaison function between UAV ISR support operations and the war-fighter customer.

The successful Mission Coordinator will have an in-depth understanding of air/ground contingency operations and be capable of operating in a dynamic multiple, simultaneous UAV operations in a complex, austere and hazardous airspace operating environment.

Specific Duties:
Manage multiple UAV air operations at a time in a complex airspace environment where de-confliction and regulatory/procedural compliance is essential.
Checks weather observations and forecasts; provides updates as required.
Conduct pre-mission briefing including weather, NOTAMS, SPINS and airspace requirements.
Coordinate with ATC and reviews Airspace Control Plan and Mission Logs.
Accomplish Mission Risk Assessment and conduct crew briefings.
Requests ATC clearance and advises UAV aircrews of clearances to start, launch and recover aircraft in the local control zones.
Monitors all UAV flight activities during mission and ensures targeting/video/customer support requirements are met.
Acts as a key point of contact for all UAS emergencies and advises the chain of command.
Verifies all communication requirements are met to include computer networks, mIRC-Chat and e-mail.
Provides over-all mission direction, monitoring and coordination between operators and the TOC/JOC and/or ground force commander.
Performs all required notifications to the ISR Battle CPT including operational/equipment issues which may impact mission accomplishment.
Ensures the process of aircraft accident/incident investigation is fully coordinated in forward deployed regions and ensures evidence collection practices, contractual requirements are accomplished.
Responsible for securing the scene post-mishap and the chain-of-custody and evidence/data distribution through appropriate channel to authorized investigative sources.
Ensures that the integrity and thoroughness of the aircraft mishap reporting process is maintained.

Knowledge - Skills & Abilities Required:
Prior ScanEagle experience is required.
In-depth understanding of the procedures and principles of air operations in a congested deployed airspace environment-ICAO, ROZ, ATC, Airspace Classes, Killbox/Keypad, Non-radar, etc...
Prior military experience in a forward-deployed air operating environment as an LNO, FAC, ALO, Mission Commander, TOC/JOC, Command Center/AOC Duty Officer
High level of organizational, aircrew resource and management skills
Excellent skill with use of MS Office software products
Demonstrated ability to successfully interact with people at various levels and perform in a dynamic deployed operating environment
Must have the ability to pass a background investigation.
Current Top Secret clearance required with one year prior to renewal.
Must have an FAA class II certification.
Must have a current passport with an expiration date up to two years.
Must be able to pass Medical / Dental /Psychological testing.
Physical Requirements:
Able to pass rigorous Medical / Dental / Psychological pre-deployment screening per customer requirements.
Able to lift and carry 80lbs unassisted for short distances.
Able to stand and walk without rest for at least two hours.
Able to perform required job duties outdoors in conditions that may include extreme high and low temperatures, rain, snow, and high winds.