Oct 11, 2016

Maritime Security Operator

Location: East Coast Of Africa

The candidate will be responsible for providing armed security services off the east coast of Africa in high risk piracy areas; he will be under the command of the security team leader.

- Provide advice and guidance on Best Management Practices for deterring piracy in High Risk Areas
- Briefing and training crew members in Anti-Piracy drills and procedures
- Providing armed security protection services
- Implementing passive and physical defence measures

- Ensuring the safe passage of the crew, vessel and cargo
- Liaising and advising on security issues whilst on board the clients vessel
- Conducting initial and continuous risk assessments to highlight vulnerabilities

Knowledge and Experience:
- Experience on board commercial vessels as a security advisor
- Solid understanding of the ISPS code
- Strong cultural awareness and interpersonal skills
- Experience of risk assessments and security audits
- Solid understanding of BMP (4)
- Firearms experience

Qualifications and Pre Requisites Required:
- SSO or PDSD certificate
- SIA Licence
- STCW95 (all 4 modules)
- Clean CRB
- Yellow Fever certificate
- Seaman?s card
- Former military or police with exemplary discharge
- ENG 1 medical certificate

How To Apply
Any candidates that meet the above criteria should send CV's with a cover letter to xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx.com 

Successful candidates will be invited to interview in due course, thank you.