Oct 13, 2016

Investigations Advisor - Afghanistan

Employer: Adam Smith International
Location: Afghanistan

Job Description
Adam Smith International is looking for consultants with experience in police, intelligence and/or counter-terrorism investigations for short-term and long-term assignments in Afghanistan. Consultants will be required to provide a mixture of formal training and informal coaching and mentoring to Afghan counterparts, covering areas such as:

-          The investigations cycle
-          Operations management (including running simultaneous operations)
-          Use of intelligence in investigations (including human intelligence and signals intelligence)

-          Multi-departmental approaches to a single investigation
-          Treating detainees in detention facilities (detention centres)
-          Interview techniques and psychology
-          Evidential exhibit procedures
-          File Preparation
-          Counter-corruption
-          Counter-terrorism investigations

Required Skills
Successful applicants will have:

A strong understanding of the conduct of investigations and of the investrigations cycle
A strong understanding of counter-terrorism related issues
Strong training skills
Strong inter-cultural and inter-personal skills
Strong English-language communication skills, both written and oral
(Ideally) Dari/Farsi and/or Pashto language skills

Required Experience
Successful applicants will have:

+7 years of relevant work experience
Experience conducting and managing investigations with law enforcement or intelligence agencies
Experience working internationally (outside their country of origin) is essential
Experience in conflict/fragile states, and (ideally) experience in Afghanistan
Experience as a trainer and/or trainer-of-trainers

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