Oct 9, 2016

Internal Roving Security Guard Team Leader

Employer: Triple Canopy
Location: Afghanistan

Job Description:

Leads, directs and supervises a team of guards performing internal security services through coordinate with U.S. Forces. Represents all members of the Security Guard capability.

Job requirements:
Minimum 25 years of age.
Shall be fluent in English speaking, reading and writing
Shall be a U.S. citizen and possess an active U.S. Secret Clearance
Possess a Military background in combat arms, having worked in the capacity of Army Military Occupational Specialty series; 11B Infantry, 18 Special Forces, 31B Military Police, 19D Calvary Scout; USMC Military Occupational Specialty 0372 MARSOC, 0311/0331 Specialist, 5326 SEAL; 5352 SWCC; or Air Force Occupational Specialty AFSC 3POX1Security Forces, AFSC 1T2X1 Para-Rescue.
Must have received an honorable discharge as verified by a form DD-214 (U.S. Military). Personnel who have been discharged with characterization of “General under other than honorable’, “Bad Conduct”, or “Dishonorable” are disqualified from this position.
Must have reached the rank of E-6 and successfully served in a supervisory role for at least one year, verified by military transcripts and evaluations.
Must be able to qualify on primary U.S. military weapons and crew-served weapons.
Possess a valid U.S. driver’s license.
Possess a valid U.S Tourist Passport
Able to become license on military tactical vehicles
Able to physically perform internal security guard services, at any potential internal security posting for up to 12 hours (not to exceed 72 hours a week), often in austere conditions to include extreme heat, cold, wind, dust, rain or snow, while donning all required personal protective gear.

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