Oct 29, 2016

Expatriate Security Manager , Thailand

Employer:  Embassy 
Location: Thailand

Job Purpose
The Expatriate Security Manager works with the First Secretary (Corporate Services) to support the delivery of security and contingency planning services to the Embassy.

Assist the Post Security Officer (PSO) and the Assistant Post Security Officer in day to day management and oversight of Embassy security, including: management and training of the Embassy’s contracted guarding force; maintenance of security related equipment; liaison with relevant security sections in DFAT and with attached agencies; management of security for events and visits; and changing lock combinations.
Undertake a range of continuous improvement projects and reporting to optimise the quality and effectiveness of security services.
Take a coordinating role in the management of emergency and business continuity planning, preparation and testing and, provide assistance as required with consular contingency planning.
Manage the Embassy’s contracted security service providers, utilising best-practice contract management.
Depending on relevant skills and experience, provide technical support and assistance to the Post Systems Administrator and IT Manager (LANA) on ICT equipment faults in the restricted area of the Chancery.
In the absence of the regional safehand officer, undertake and manage all regional safehand duties.


The ongoing performance of the Expatriate Security Manager will be measured on their ability to:

Provide reliable and efficient operational support for security services. Performance will be assessed on the extent of compliance with all DFAT policies and procedures and service standards set out in the Service Level Agreements and the Security Protocol;
Ensure that the security contractors comply with all requirements under contracts and effectively work with them to resolve technical and performance issues. Timely resolution of problems will be a measure of performance;
Take responsibility for all critical physical, technical and training components of emergency and business continuity planning including the need to undertake regular testing and audit. Performance will be evaluated on the ability to provide accurate and timely reports for post and DFAT Canberra and plans will be subject to random audit to assess preparedness; and
Deliver high quality, short and long term process improvement projects under limited supervision.
Demonstrate good interpersonal skills, including cultural sensitivity and discretion, and the capacity for obtaining the cooperation of others to achieve required outcomes.  For example, the applicant should demonstrate the liaison skills required to effectively liaise with Thai government officials and other organisations such as airlines, cargo handling staff etc.
Be organised and able to manage various tasks simultaneously.

BEHAVIOURS AND CAPABILITIES (intangible qualifications required for the job holder)

A successful Expatriate Security Manager would be:

Able to demonstrate a high level of initiative, be self-motivated and have the ability to independently achieve required outcomes;
Able to think logically and objectively, to analyse and evaluate facts, and to apply sound judgment in assessing the practical implications of solutions such as that required for managing courier, mail and security related tasks;
Able to demonstrate high level organisational skills;
Able to demonstrate resourcefulness and judgment when organising, implementing and accomplishing tasks; and
Able to demonstrate good interpersonal skills, including cultural sensitivity and discretion, and the capacity for obtaining the cooperation of others to achieve required outcomes

To fill the role of the Expatriate Security Manager, an applicant would require:

MUST be an Australian citizen (without dual Thai nationality), and MUST be able to obtain an Australian Government Security Clearance;
Demonstrated work experience in a security area;
Fluency in English with the ability to provide written and oral reports and presentation of findings in a clear and concise manner;
Demonstrated ability to use a range of ICT software packages including the complete suite of Microsoft Office applications; and
Experience in ICT support or evidence of working with new technology would be an advantage.

How To Apply:
Please send your application to xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx.au

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