Oct 14, 2016

CD/CNT Surveillance Specialist

Employer: Triple Canopy
Location:Hampton, VA 23605 US (Primary)

Job Description

• Provide expertise regarding CD/CNT operations, resources, requirements, and program metrics;

• Provide programmatic and technical support and assistance towards the development, implementation, and sustainment of CD/CNT programs and program requirements;

• Liaise with NORTHCOM/AFNORTH, SOUTHCOM/AFSOUTH, CENTCOM/AFCENT ensuring full integration of USAF hemispheric CD/CNT capabilities;

• Monitor Air Component CD/CNT operations as well as analyze and optimize sensor performance in support of mission objectives;

• Employ RDQM tools (RS3/4, RAP, etc.) as well as remote radar display systems (NTRD); and,

• Conduct radar data quality monitoring and operations SMEEs.

Job Requirements
Required experience:

• At least 5 years of technical experience with 3 years recent operational experience working in the field of CD/CNT surveillance, command and control, and communications;
• Experience coordinating with CCMDs, US LEA Components, System Program Offices (SPOs), HQ ACC staffs and other offices as required to refine, staff, and resolve operational capability requirements; and,
• Experience in radar data quality monitoring, data reductions, and operational analysis of tracks of interest.

Clearance and Education Requirements:

• Secret clearance is required from contract task order performance start date until the expiration of the contract task order; and,

• Fluent in technical and conversational speaking, reading, and writing in English and Spanish (DLPT Level 2), and the ability to translate between the two.

The following are desired:

• A Bachelor's degree

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