Oct 24, 2016

Ammunitions Safety Manager

Employer: Fluor
Location: Kuwait

Please Note: This position is contingent upon contract award.

Job Description 
Responsible for the development, implementation, and compliance of the Safety Standards for the Ammunition Supply Point. Conducts regular occupational and industrial safety training is programmed and conducted. Conducts daily, weekly and monthly safety inspections. Investigates all accidents to determine future preventive measures and conducts safety stand down briefings as necessary. Responsible for the overall compliance of all Occupational Health and Safety (OSHA) and explosive safety operations with local and US environmental safety regulations. Provides OSHA safety and HAZMAT program control and oversight of reception, storage and issue of ammunition, ammunition residue and ammunition related packaging materials. .
Assures adherence to OSHA and explosive safety procedures and ensures keeping of efficient, clean, and safe work environment. Work closely with Government, Area Managers, Supervisors, and Safety Personnel providing oversight and safety instructions to ensure compliance with all OSHA and explosive safety directives. Monitor daily operational activities, conducts safety surveillance, safety inspections, and recommends corrective actions as needed. Maintain up to date familiarity with the applicable ammunition and explosives safety standards.

Supervises a team of subordinate employees, subcontractors, and/or labor broker personnel, in accordance with the “General Supervisory Duties and Responsibilities” addendum.

This Job Description represents a summary of the generic job duties and qualifications for this position and shall not be construed as a complete listing of all tasks, as other duties may be assigned. A Position Detail with additional site specific duties or qualifications may be held at the Project level.

Position may be located in a war zone in a contingency environment with harsh and dangerous working and living conditions, including lifting and carrying 40 pounds of personal protective equipment for extended periods of time. To ensure safety, health, and security measures within the contract are met, all employees shall be literate in English (read, write, speak and understand).

Living conditions on the project are most likely austere. The most austere sleeping may be in environmentally conditioned tents on “Army type” cots. Restrooms and showers may be 250 feet or further from sleeping quarters. Laundry service for 15 pounds twice per week is commonly provided. Meals are provided at regular intervals in cafeteria or “dining facility” style environment. Living area will most likely have constant hum of generators or similar equipment nearby.

Basic Job Requirements
- Minimum four (4) year college degree required;
- Minimum of six (6) years' of direct experience in occupational and industrial safety;
- Knowledge of explosive safety, health and safety plans, proper munitions storage procedures, vehicle safety and material safety hazards.
Other Job Requirements - Excellent communication skills;
- proficient in Microsoft Office, Excel and PowerPoint.

Preferred Qualifications 
Prior Military and/or Contingency Operations experience preferred.
Degree Required Yes