Oct 16, 2016

Afghan Air Force (AAF) Attack Squadron Targeting and Weaponeering Instructor/Advisor

Employer: Raytheon
Location: Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, AF

Job Description

TAAC-Air Operations Support Services (OSS) Intelligence, Targeting & Weaponeering instructors/advisors shall train, advise and assist AAF leadership, aircrew, targeteers and intelligence trainees on basic target and intelligence analysis in support of A-29, MD-530 and Mi-25 employment to include eleven (11) initial AAF trainees. Intelligence, Targeting and Weaponeering Instructor/Advisors should be prepared to develop AAF-centric intelligence/targeting/weaponeering programs and instruction and advise & assist the AAF and TAAC-Air advisors on AAF Targets Cell initial set-up, training, operations and continuity training.

REQUIRED HOURS: Work may include nights, holidays, and weekends on short notice. Standard will be to conduct training six (6) days per week for up to ten (10) hours per day while at OCONUS work site(s) and a standard 40 hour work week while in CONUS.

Job Duties & Responsibilities

Train and advise AAF intelligence personnel, aircrew, and leadership
Coordinate with Air Force advisors on a daily basis
Train, advise and assist AAF leadership, aircrew, and targeteer trainees on basic target analysis in support of A-29 and MD-530 ordnance delivery.
Train and advise AAF targeteers, aircrew and leadership on targeting and weaponeering functions to include:
> Receive target nominations & intended effect
> Validate & prioritize targets to achieve intended effect
> Analyze target imagery
> Determine target intelligence shortfalls
> Prepare RFIs for translation & submission,
> Identify and avoid sensitive targets/collateral damage (mosques, hospitals, schools, etc),
> Weaponeering targets based on AAF munition inventory
> Perform basic physical & Collateral Damage Estimates (CDE)
> Assemble basic target folders
> Assist AAF intel in developing mission materials
> Assist AAF in debriefing aircrew & preparing MISREPs,
> Conduct Battle Damage Assessment (BDA)
> Create reports w/ annotated graphics for dissemination
> Support ANA Corps ad hoc / quick-turn targeting requests w/ weaponeering & CDE
Aid TAAC-Air advisors in establishing a new AAF targeting cell within the Kabul Wing Attack Operations Group, including: setup, training, operations and continuity training
Assist development of curriculum and instruction for: Basic targeting fundamentals, Conventional weaponeering fundamentals, Basic CDE, Basic BDA and Quality oversight of AAF-derived targeting solutions & CDE
May gather all-source intelligence to build briefings, conducting pre- and post-mission briefings to AAF aircrew and leadership when required, and distributing intelligence to Afghan and Coalition personnel, as needed.
Additional duties, as assigned

Required Qualifications

Experience in the planning and integration of airpower into ground commander’s battlefield ground scheme of maneuver
Strong analytical, writing skills
Strong MS Office Skills
Experience/sensitivity with diverse cultures
Strong interpersonal and organizational skills
Good Organizational Skills
Good Project Management Ability and Skills
Ability to plan and organize work, analyze problems to identify significant factors, gather pertinent data and recognize solutions.
Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing
Valid US Passport with at least 1 year validity.
Must be able to obtain & maintain an Afghan visa.
Must be able to obtain & maintain a US DoD Secret security clearance.

Required Education

Bachelor's degree from accredited school & six (6) years of related experience, OR four (4) years related experience with Master's degree. Eight (8) years of additional equivalent work experience (14 total years) may be accepted in lieu of BA/BS education requirement.

Physical Requirements/Working Environment

Include, but are not limited to, the wear of body armor and helmet Personal Protective Gear, unassisted lifting and carrying of duffle bags not exceed the weight of 70 lbs. per piece, and the unassisted movement over uneven terrain.
Must be willing to work and live in Afghanistan with an understanding that there could be further assignments to any location in Afghanistan based upon the needs of the U.S. Government, to include hostile and austere areas.
Must be able to attend and pass USG deployment requirements at CONUS Replacement Center (CRC), Fort Bliss, Texas or equivalent location.
Must meet the medical requirements for the position being offered as determined by a pre-employment medical screening and in accordance with published CRC and USCENTCOM medical deployment standards.
Ability to walk or stand on level and/or inclined surfaces up to eight (8) hours per day and sit for up to three (3) hours per day; routinely climb / descend stairs; routinely grasp or handle objects, use finger dexterity, bend elbows / knees, and reach above / below shoulders; read and interpret newspaper and typewritten print; and communicate by voice and detect sound by ear.
Employee will be required to work and live in a potentially hostile environment, at remote locations, and under austere conditions.
Employee may be required to respond to a wide variety of operational circumstances, under extreme weather conditions, within a hostile environment.
The individual may be exposed to extreme noise from aircraft, hostile fire, and other acts of aggression associated with this region.
Contractor personnel shall comply with all theater command policies, regulations, and General Orders. All tours are unaccompanied.

Desired Qualifications

Military Intelligence, related to the field attack aviation
Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC), of any service
Attack aviation or Close Air Support (CAS) pilot or instructor pilot
Overseas experience
Active US DoD Secret Security Clearance
Previous experience training and advising foreign military soldiers required to respond to a wide variety of operational circumstances, under extreme weather conditions, within a hostile environment.