Sep 17, 2016

Security Project Manager / Guard Force Commander and Trainer – Morocco

Employer: Torres
Location: Morocco

Job Code: 358
# of openings: 3

Security Project Manager / Guard Force Commander and Trainer – Morocco
U. S. Embassy – Morocco
French and English language is required

We are seeking an experienced, security-related Program Manager, Guard Force Commander and Trainer for locations in Morocco.

Project Manager
Guard Force Commander

Program Manager

The Program Manager (PM) shall be exclusively dedicated to this contract and have experience and qualifications on a range of security-related skills and have a verified record of proven reliability and good conduct. The PM shall have a minimum of 8 years work experience with 4 years as supervisory experience. A maximum of four years of experience can be waived in lieu of a college degree from an accredited college/university. The PM shall reside in Rabat.

In addition, the PM shall meet the following qualifications:
Have a French and English Speaking/Reading Skill Level S4/R4.
Able to use a computer including all common office management tools (e.g. Microsoft Office).
Experience managing staff.
Effectively communicate issues and problems through chain of command within its company and with the COR/GTM.
Have a history of proactively resolving all problems and issues within the guard force which is reflected through work experience in résumé.
Must understand operational methods of all guard force units and zones for response, and maintain a professional demeanor under highly stressful circumstances.
Be able to resolve problems in an efficient manner.
Knowledge of general or post orders.
Be experienced in basic communications and radio use/procedures.
Be a licensed driver.
Must meet with COR at least weekly.
Must meet weekly with Local Guard Coordinator.

The PM shall be accessible and responsive to the CO or COR on all matters related to performance of this contract 24 hours per day, seven (7) days per week. Should the PM require personal or professional travel outside the country, or should he/she become otherwise incapable of fulfilling his/her duties (such as in the case of a medical illness or injury), the PM must designate the next senior member of the guard management team to assume PM responsibilities, including 24 hours per day, seven (7) days per week availability. The designation of a replacement is subject to COR approval.

Guard Force Commander (GFC)

The Guard Force Commander shall have completed a minimum of five (5) years of police, military, private security, or local guard force experience with a minimum of 3 years supervisory experience. He/she shall demonstrate command of French and English at the S3/R3 level. He/she shall be computer literate to a basic level, that is, able to write basic reports, Standard Operational Procedures, and email.

The GFC shall be required to perform supervisory duties that must include:
Supervising the guard force that provides protection to all U.S. mission facilities.
Preparing guard orders, deployment of guards and weekly scheduling.
Conducting regular inspections of guards and guard post.
Investigating irregularities.
Preparing reports and making recommendations regarding discipline and termination actions.
Overseeing the refresher training program to ensure compliance and effectiveness.
Overseeing guard program logistics including, e.g., explosive detection and x-ray and equipment.
Acting as a point of contact with the RSO/LG Coordinator on operational guard force matters.
Possess a valid host country driver’s license.
Be knowledgeable of post orders.


The Trainer shall be exclusively dedicated to this contract. He or she shall have three years of progressive work experience conducting training or teaching. The trainer shall report to the Project Manager. Trainer shall have French and Speaking/Reading Skill Level S3/R3

The trainer shall be required to perform all of the responsibilities set forth below:
Develop, coordinate and execute the Guard Training Plan.
Train local guards throughout Morocco.
Teach Basic Training (80 hours), Annual Refresher (16 hours) and On the Job Training including drills as required by the COR.
Instructing guards on proper performance of guard duties as described in post-specific guard orders (that the RSO will provide).
Teach guards how to conduct vehicle and personnel screening techniques, as well as how to use security equipment (GEMS, x-ray machine, metal detectors, trace explosive detectors, screening mirrors, access control devices, i.e. barriers and door controls).
Provide the COR with a monthly training schedule that includes the type and duration of all training classes scheduled for the month.
Convey information that the local guards can easily grasp.
Proficient in all common office management tools (e.g. Microsoft Office).
Experience with multiple levels of communication between various levels of management.