Sep 12, 2016

Security Operations Supervisor

Employer: Qatar University
Location Doha,QA

Qatar University profile :

Qatar University is the premier national institution of higher education with a mission to produce well-rounded graduates with academic knowledge of quality and excellence coupled with a keen spirit of volunteerism and civic responsibility. This is underpinned by committed leadership and an experienced and motivated faculty and staff body.

Department Profile:
As part of the educational reform project, the University of Qatar is making a substantial investment in education through adopting world-standard curricula, attracting world-standard faculty, and enhancing teaching and research.

Facilities and General Services Department’s vision is to support Qatar University leadership in delivering educational excellence and in creating an employment experience that is recognized internally and externally as a model in the region – QU is both a model national university and a model employer!

Becoming a model employer in the region demands a higher standard of employment practices. We strive for transparency, fairness, and accountability. We are working in building a working culture that engages and inspires all employees for the betterment of the education provided to the students of Qatar University.

Duties & Responsibilities
Key Responsibilities

1.Implement and develop improvements for the QU Security Policy, Processes and Procedures
2.Understanding the geography of the site and operation associated security systems, security systems policy, processes and procedures
3.Managing supply chain scope of work and performance management regime in terms of security and ensure supply chain maintains operational compliance
4.Review and sign off supply chain security standard operating procedures and ensure subsequent compliance is maintained
5.Be the single point of contact for the supply chain to communicate with on all matters related to security operations or the control room as appropriate.
6.Conduct site inspections and security audits on a periodic basis, record and report findings to relevant stakeholders and ensure non-compliance is rectified in a timely manner
7.Maintain a process of continuous improvement providing recommendations for security service improvement
8.Periodically review and present recommendations for improvement of security threat and risk assessments
9.Escalate real threat in compliance agreed policy and procedure
10.Fully understand and be prepared to lead the QU Crisis Management Plan when invoked
11.Lead participation in drills, practice scenarios or simulations as and when required
12.Attend crisis management meetings as required and coordinate reactive response
13.Support the Security Manager to develop and present management reports
14.Be an active provider of security training and deliver in-house training programmes as required
15.Attend all security and department meetings as required
16.Liaise with Local Authorities (i.e. MOI, Police, Traffic Department, CID, etc) as required in terms of operational services delivery and incident response and coordinating as necessary during security simulation exercises or “real” events.
17.Support all investigation requirements with the support of appointed QU Team
18.Control Room Supervision
19.Performance monitor and manage Security Control Room Operation and Response
20.Operations Supervision
21.Performance monitor and manage Security Operations and Response


Degree holder from a reputable university.


Normally 10 year’s of post-degree relevant experience including 5 years in a similar role in GCC region.

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