Sep 6, 2016

Security Officer , Iraq

Employer: United Nations
Location: Baghdad Iraq
Closing:  15 September 2016


Within limits of delegated authority, the Security Officer, FS-4, may be responsible for the following duties:
Assists the CSA/Security Coordination Officers in the supervision of a Security Unit, as assigned;
Drafts and updates security contingency plans for a security unit;
Monitors prevailing local security conditions and trends and advises UN personnel, project personnel and eligible dependants on security issues;
Assists in the evaluation accessible areas, maintain tracking systems and assist in the coordination of a 24-hour Emergency Response System;
Analyses security information, contributes to identification of trends of threats and security incidents affecting United Nations system personnel, assets and operations at the mission’s headquarter and/or regional offices;
Assists in the development of security risk assessments in the country or regional office or in preparation of rapid threat and risk assessments;
Monitors, conducts or coordinates security operations;
Maintains continuing lines of communication with security focal points and other UN or non-UN stake holders;
Assists senior Officers in briefing to the CSA/CSO/SA/Security Coordination Officer or Deputy CSA/CSO on the status, activity and requirements of the unit;
Conducts routine physical security inspections of facilities;
Assumes responsibility for guard force management; Monitors and evaluates office physical security measures, and conducts security surveys of installations and facilities; implements security arrangements;
Provides advice and training to UN personnel and eligible dependants on security matters, as assigned;
Contributes to the identification of gaps in existing capability and make recommendation for amendment where necessary;
Assists in planning of protective services for Senior UN Officials, as necessary;
Monitors Security equipment and ensures minimum equipment requirements are purchased, maintained and deployed in accordance with relevant policy;
Coordinates issuance of identity cards, background checks and entry controls, as appropriate;
Sets up and manages a warden system according to policy;
Performs the duty of Close Protection Officer for a Senior UN Official or any other Staff of the organization;
Conducts Close Protection operations as outlined in the UN Close protection policies and guidelines;
Acts as Duty Officer within the Security Section, if needed;
Performs other duties as required.


High school diploma or equivalent technical or vocational certificate
A valid driver’s license is required
UNDSS Close Protection Officer Certification (CPOC) is highly desirable (and will be expected for future advancement in this field)

Work Experience

A minimum of six years with high school diploma or equivalent of experience in the military, police or security management is required.
A minimum five years of progressively responsible experience in close protection with a national, private or international security organization is required.
At least one year experience and exposure at the international level and in a conflict or a post conflict environment is required.
Experience and proficiency in the use of close protection weapons, communications, surveillance equipment, and vehicles is required;
Desirable experience: close protection of one or more principals; static and mobile protection; close protection command post operations; close protection response techniques; conduct of close protection training.

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