Sep 2, 2016

Security Manager , Afghanistan

Employer : Swedish Committee for Afghanistan
Location: Afghanistan
Closing date: 22 Sep 2016

SCA has been working in Afghanistan since 1982 and is presently managing development programmes linked to Strategic Objectives concerning Health, Education, Rural Livelihoods and Community Governance with a total annual budget of roughly USD 40 million. The total number of staff is around 5 300 of whom 15 are non-Afghans. The SCA presence in Afghanistan consists of the Kabul Management Office (KMO), five Regional Management Offices and three Liaison Offices. In Sweden SCA has 20 staff working at the Stockholm Management Office (SMO) and around 3 700 members organized in local chapters all over the country.
In the last 10 years SCA has undertaken a change process moving from a primarily humanitarian service delivery approach towards more of a developmental role, putting increasing emphasis on capacity development, rights-based programming and outcome orientation. The mission of SCA is to empower individuals, communities and local organizations, primarily in rural areas and with particular focus on women, girls, boys and vulnerable groups such as people with disabilities, so that they may participate fully in society and influence their own development.

SCA don’t use armed guards and have limited protection around its facilities in Afghanistan. Instead SCA stress acceptance among the target groups, always aiming at good relations and reputation, as this is crucial to ensure a safe and secure environment.

Security Advisory Unit

The Security Advisory Unit, reporting to the Country Director, consists of the expatriate Security Manager and two Security Experts (Afghan nationals). The unit is tasked to; continue developing an adequate and relevant security strategy related to the Afghan context; to ensure a broad awareness among staff on security and safety; to make global, regional and country specific security analysis identifying major threats, vulnerabilities and risks for the organisation and its staff; to strengthen the managerial capacities to recognise security and safety in their decision-making duties; to aid the organisation to further ensure a relevant security strategy of acceptance, protection and deterrence; to ensure that adequate tools, such as, security plan, contingency plan, Standard Operating Procedures, are up-to-date to prevent or mitigate risks towards the organisation staff, assets and reputation; and, to report and manage security information.

Scope of Work

The Security Manager is based in Kabul and reports to and give advice to the Country Director, but is expected to conduct regular field visits and on-the-job trainings at the five Regional Management Offices of SCA. S/he will lead the Security Advisory Team at the Kabul office and jointly build and monitor the security management capacities of the regional offices.

As an advisory unit the position demand a high degree of networking, assessment of reports and information to ensure a high level of internal security analysis and assessment upon which SCA’s management can make informed strategic security decisions and which alleviate risks to staff, assets and reputation.

An important role is also the task to oversee SCA’s security management and security information systems, and the continuous development of SCA´s security systems, plans, Standard Operational Procedures as well as awareness and in-house capacity at all levels of operations. This task also include training and drills in safety and security and training of trainers, directly or by selection and use of appropriate external resources.

The Security Advisory Unit should also assess and propose measures that will ensure that SCA maintains strong capacity to respond to different kinds of threats that emerge from the insecure environment and limited emergency assistance available in the context of the operating environment.


The specific tasks will include:
Monitor, coordinate and advice on the long-term implementation of security strategy and management, including conflict and risk analysis, with designing of adequate training packages and their implementation.
Strengthen SCA senior managements’ understanding of risks and safety within the context of operation and the context of the evolving environment in Afghanistan. This includes producing analyses of data and field findings, with emphasis on areas with programmatic and operational implications.
Provide support and hands-on advice to programme units and Regional Management Offices in order to strengthen SCAs acceptance in Afghanistan.
Ensure continuous development and implementation of SCA security plans and manuals.
Ensure regular awareness and safety and security training for national and international staff in Afghanistan.
Strengthen the emergency preparedness of the SCA crisis management teams in Kabul and Stockholm.
Security coordination of expatriate staff exposed to threats that require specific responses from the employer. This includes continuous management of a security regime, as well as ensuring adequate levels of preparedness for emergencies, hibernations and evacuations.
Strong networking and liaising with likeminded organisations and other actors currently working in Afghanistan, aiming at strengthened information sharing, mutual learning and enhanced acceptance of our work and our presence.
Elaborate work plans and budget for the Security Advisory Unit and supervise its local staff
Perform other tasks within the field of competency as assigned by the Country Director

Entry Requirements

Academic degree, preferably within security management
At least five years’ experience in handling information and data in the field of security management and risk assessment, including conflict sensitive programming of development cooperation

Essential competence
Substantial experience from humanitarian/development agencies with large field operations
Track record of designing and conducting security orientation and “do-no-harm” trainings, as well as security protocols and guidelines for NGO operations
Sound knowledge of humanitarian principles of impartiality and neutrality as outlined in the Humanitarian Charter and the International Red Cross Code of Conduct.
Substantial experience of work in conflict zones
Demonstrated leadership/management skills including staff and budget responsibilities
Excellent command of English

Desired competence

Knowledge of Dari and/or Pashtu

Previous experience from Afghanistan or a similar environment

Application information

Contract period: 2 years with an initial 6 months probationary period

Conditions: Non family posting. SCA offers a competitive salary, free housing, insurances and other benefits.

Duties to begin: As soon as possible

Last date for application: 22 September 2016


Download a 1-page letter explaining why you are interested in and suited for this position and your CV (no more than 2 pages) in English.

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