Sep 1, 2016

Security Assistant, Afghanistan

Location: Afghanistan
Expire Date: 04 Sep, 2016

Job Description:

To maintain the security issues inside and outside office. 
• To supervise the guards in the main office, guest house. 
• To contact the government authorities, ANSO regarding security issues in the absence of security officer. 
• To check the security of the abroad officials and make it proper 
• To make a list for guards to manage their duty rooster. 
• To supervise the duty of guards in health facilities. 
• Prepare weekly reports for submission to security officer. 
• Coordination with other organization and providing security related information with being in picture with supervisor. 
• Ensure no unauthorized personal or suspicious person hanging around IMC premises, report ASAP. 
• Brief our staff on security matters as necessary. 
• Assist the Security Officer in duties such as mission clearance, mission tracking and, filing of security documents. 
• Acts as an intermediate "Interpreter" during field missions. 
• Reads and interprets locations from the map. 
• Immediate contact and inform your Program manager (PM), Security Officer (SO) in any case of emergencies. • Ensure that any security situation or any emergency situation gets immediate attention and reported to your (PM) and to your (SO). 
• Typing, adjusting and filing of Reports and the distribution of the final report to members involved. • Liaise with security Officer and NGO security departments in information gathering. 
• Maintenance of your Security office filing system, with new files for every year. 
• Regular checking of all IMC premises and guards in regard to safety, security and duties in your Region. 
• Ensuring no unauthorized conduct being implemented or enforced by any staff member. 
• Ensure no theft or collaboration too theft of IMC equipment’s or personal belongings as it can lead to an immediate dismissal of suspected personal and or guards on duty. 
• Keeping a daily track on security issues in and around the Region 
• Ensure that all register and logbooks (GDB) been kept up to date by all security sites. 
• Performs basic first aid in an emergency.

Job Requirements:

High school and preferred to be university graduated • At least 2 years’ experience in relevant field in governmental or non-governmental organizations. • Expertise in Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, PowerPoint Excel and internet is required. • Good communication skills and strong local language correspondence skill. • Fluently English, DARI and Pashtu speaking /writing skills are required. • Ability to write logical, clear security reports. • Regularly visit from Nuristan, Kunar and Laghman and all from Targets Areas Important Point: You will be asked to travel or can be deployed in anywhere within the program area to perform services. There may be some insecure areas where you may need to travel and perform the activity without any hesitation. Delays due to insecurity will not be accepted.

How To Apply

You are kindly requested to submit a complete written Application and Resume through email : xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx.Org 

Email available to paid-up Members ONLY