Sep 14, 2016

Scanner Operator - Kandahar

Employer: Olive Group /Constellis
Recruiter: Minimal Risk

Closing Date:30 Sep 2016
Vacancy Type:Contract

Job Description
Minimal Risk is looking to engage a qualified Scanner Operator to support Olive Group operations in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

The role has the following requirements:


International Civil Aviation Security Training – to include Personal Security Check, Aviation Baggage Check, X-Ray Screening Experience and inspecting individuals and property for explosives, incendiaries, weapons and prohibited items. 


Experience of Security scanning operations
Experience within an Operational environment
Knowledge of Walk through Metal Detectors and Hand Held Metal Detectors.

Experience & Skills:
Previous experience working on NATO provided facilities or Military locations - trained and certified to operate in accordance with current standards

Able to listen, speak, read and write English to the NATO SLP 3322 in accordance with STANAG 6001 as a minimum requirement to provide uninterrupted interaction with military as required

Minimum 1 (one) year valid NATO Secret Security Clearance certificate or equivalent National clearance certificate.

Previous certification and 1 (one) year working experience on scanning equipment consisting of different types of scanning equipment consisting of personnel scanner, luggage scanner and vehicle scanner


T&Cs will be discussed at Interview with appropriate candidates

Deployment will be around end Sep / beginning Oct 16


Experience working in NATO environment
Current NATO Secret Security Clearance or National Equivalent - Essential
Knowledge of scanners, luggage scanners and vehicle scanners - Essential