Sep 9, 2016

PSS/Detail Leader (DL) - Iraq

Employer: SOC
Location: Iraq Baghdad


Conduct protective service operations under the direction of the Agent In Charge (AIC) named in the Task Order. Responsibilities can include the below:
All aspects of organizing, managing, supervising, and scheduling of PRS detail personnel to ensure that protective security requirements of the contract and task order are met. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:
Ensuring that all protective security specialists are properly trained, equipped, briefed, and mentally and physically prepared each time they are dispatched on protective services assignments.
Developing and implementing plans for the following; Route surveys, Alternate routes, Safe havens, Contingency plans, Evacuation.
Evaluating PRS personnel to ensure that all positions/labor categories are filled with qualified personnel and to identify personnel for promotion into leadership positions.
The DL shall maintain weapons qualification as outlined in this contract.

Must meet all of the below qualifications:
US citizen.
Seven (7) years of experience in protective security assignments.
Two (2) of these years must have been in a protective security supervisory or in-charge capacity described below.
The seven (7) years of experience can be gained in the employ of any national, State/Provincial, Local or commercial entities providing high threat protective services.
Must be able to pass Physical Fitness test (based on FLETC Standards) prior to attending training. For more information, please follow this link: